Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q1 2013 - Tips & Tricks

Performance Advantages with Intel® Cluster Studio XE & Intel® Cluster Ready

The evolution of technical computing architectures towards more cores and wider vectors on more nodes challenges developers in writing applications that leverage these architectural advancements while accommodating result deadlines. Designing and developing technical computing applications is a continual challenge. Adding in the complexity of deployment of these applications onto known cluster configurations is difficult enough, let alone ISV’s whose applications are destined to run on a variety of cluster configurations. Having the right tools, methodologies and deployment certifications and strategies will go a long way to easing the design, development and deployment of technical computing applications for clusters.

Pairing Intel® Cluster Studio XE for the design and development phase of technical computing applications with the Intel® Cluster Ready architecture and program makes it easy to gain performance advantages of technical computing clusters while ensuring efficient, compliant and deployable clusters. With Intel Cluster Ready as the de-facto industry “standard” half the battle is already won. The Intel® Cluster Checker tool is a key element of the Intel Cluster Ready validation process and helps to verify that cluster components continue working together throughout the cluster lifecycle, to increase uptime, productivity and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Almost all clusters could run almost all of the technical computing applications today, if those clusters have the correct environment set up. Even if the cluster that is being deployed is not Intel Cluster Ready certified, by using the Intel Cluster Checker tool can ensure that the cluster is close to being standardized and that the software environment is ready to run a huge variety of technical computing applications.

Intel Cluster Studio XE meets the challenges facing technical computing developers by providing, for the first time, a comprehensive suite of tools that enables developers to boost the performance and reliability of technical computing applications. It combines Intel’s proven cluster tools with Intel’s advanced threading/memory correctness analysis and performance profiling tools to enable scaling application development for today’s and tomorrow’s HPC cluster systems composed of Intel® Xeon Processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors.

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