Intel® Math Kernel Library Link Line Advisor


The Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) is designed to run on multiple processors and operating systems. It is also compatible with several compilers and third party libraries, and provides different interfaces to the functionality. To support these different environments, tools, and interfaces Intel MKL provides mutliple libraries from which to choose.

To see what libraries are recommended for a particular use case, specify the parameters in the drop down lists below.

Note: For applications running on IA-32 with the Windows* operating system it is possible to use mkl_intel_s.lib instead of mkl_intel_c.lib (or mkl_intel_s_dll.lib instead of mkl_intel_c_dll.lib). This interface is compatible with the Compaq* Visual Fortran calling convention.

Find more information on linking in the Intel® MKL User's Guide

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