CLBenchmark 1.1.3 Windows 8.1 driver issues

CLBenchmark 1.1.3 Windows 8.1 driver issues

With driver several tests failed:

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Today Intel released a new driver and exactly 3 months later still not working properly. It's clear Intel doesn't care. I won't bother you anymore with bugs I promise you.

I am sorry you are disappointed. We do take these issues seriously. The optical flow test was debugged (a while back) and was determined as a test case issue. I will take a look and escalate these issues asap.


Optical flow and all other tests worked fine with 15.31.

All the four tests fail with clCreateProgramWithBinary() returning CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE. I will debug this further, but is it possible to share the .cl files or are they proprietery?

Raghu resolved it except Bitonic Merge Sort. Since 15.33 subtests Vision: Optical Flow and Programming Principles: Tree suffer from a performance regression, it is half as much compared to 15.31. Optical Flow is a popular subtest used by anandtech, computerbase and some more.

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