Getting Help and Support

Getting Help

The online version of the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) Reference Manual integrates into the Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE help system.

Accessing Help in Visual Studio* 2010 IDE or higher

To access the Intel MKL documentation in Visual Studio* IDE:

  1. Configure the IDE to use local help (once). To do this:

    • In Visual Studio* IDE 2010, go to Help > Manage Help Settings and check I want to use online help

    • In Visual Studio* IDE 2012, go to Help > Set Help Preference and check Launch in Help Viewer

  2. Use the Help > View Help menu item to view a list of available help collections and open the Intel MKL documentation

Browsing Help in the Microsoft Help Viewer

You can browse and search for topics in different ways:

  • Use the Contents tab to browse through topics by function domains.
  • Use the Index tab to access an index to all topics. Either type the word you are looking for or scroll through the list.
  • Click the Search button on the toolbar to perform a full text search.

To navigate between topics, use the navigation buttons available in the Document Explorer toolbar or from the topic pop-up menu:

  • Click the Back button to return to the previously viewed topic.
  • Click the Forward button to go to the following topic.

Using Context-sensitive Help

Context-sensitive help enables easy access to the description of a function whose name is typed in the Code Editor.

To access the function description,

  1. Select the function name in the Code Editor
  2. Click F1

The function description opens in the Microsoft Help Viewer.

Getting Technical Support

Intel MKL provides a product web site that offers timely and comprehensive product information, including product features, white papers, and technical articles. For the latest information, check:

Intel also provides a support web site that contains a rich repository of self help information, including getting started tips, known product issues, product errata, license information, user forums, and more (visit

Registering your product entitles you to one year of technical support and product updates through Intel® Premier Support. Intel Premier Support is an interactive issue management and communication web site providing these services:

  • Submit issues and review their status.

  • Download product updates anytime of the day.

To register your product, contact Intel, or seek product support, please visit

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