Microsoft Visual Studio* Integration


Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE integration is available only for the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE.

The process of debugging code and tuning your application is simplified if both your application and tuning tools are available from the same interface. Intel® VTune™ Amplifier integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio* environment and enables you to create and tune your application within a single environment.

If you select to integrate with Visual Studio when installing the VTune Amplifier, the Visual Studio user interface is extended to incorporate VTune Amplifier menus and a toolbar.

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Use the VTune Amplifier toolbar to configure and control result collection.

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VTune Amplifier results *.amplxe show up in the Solution Explorer under the My Amplifier Results folder. To configure and control result collection, right-click the project in the Solution Explorer and select the Intel VTune Amplifier menu from the context menu. To manage previously collected results, right-click the result (for example,r000ge.amplxe) and select the command from the context menu.

Click the (change) link to select a viewpoint, a preset configuration of windows/panes for an analysis result. For each analysis type, you can switch among several viewpoints to focus on particular performance metrics.

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Click buttons on navigation toolbars to change window views and toggle window panes on and off.

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In the Timeline pane, analyze thread activity and transitions presented for user-mode sampling and tracing analysis results (Hotspots, Concurrency, and Locks and Waits) or analyze the distribution of application performance per hardware metric over time for event-based sampling analysis results (for example, General Exploration).

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Use the Call Stack pane to view call paths for a function selected in the grid.

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Use the filter toolbar to filter out the result data according to the selected categories.

In Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008, use the Dynamic Help window to access help topics related to the current VTune Amplifier window/pane.

Options Dialog Box

From the Visual Studio Tools > Options... menu you can access VTune Amplifier options available from the Options dialog box. If you need to change environment settings, however, read the documentation provided for the Visual Studio product.

From the standalone interface, you can access the VTune Amplifier options via the File > Options... menu.

Options Dialog Box

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