Platform Assembly

This section contains guidance for mechanical assembly of the development platform. As there are a number of thermal solutions and expansion boards available in the market place, not all instructions will be applicable to all configurations.

Use caution and refer to the item's manufacturer for specific information on materials used on the subject platform.

Review the material list and ensure you have a proper workspace before continuing.

Pre-Assembled Elements

The developer kit is shipped with the module attached to the expansion board. The mating connectors are rated for 30 cycles and care should be taken to limit the need to separate the module from the expansion board.

See this guide for module removal and re-assembly.

Most kits are also shipped with the wireless antennas attached to the module. See this guide for antenna connector care.

Heat Sink and Standoff Assembly

Next, install the appropriate heatsink for your application, and then standoffs on the expansion board.

3D Printable Accessories

Should you want or need these accessories, you can print them yourself.


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