Setting the Power Limit (PPL1) in BIOS

The steps in this section outline how to navigate the BIOS menu system to change the power limit settings; the module will throttle the CPU to keep current power below the set PL1 target.

Before you begin

  1. Assemble your development platform, as described in platform setup.
  2. Connect any intended boot devices (USB, SDCard) as the BIOS must find them to populate the selection menu.
  3. Have accessories connected, or a workstation configured for the chosen development method. Maximize the workstation terminal window if the display is hard to read or the font is fuzzy.
  4. Energise the development platform by connecting a power source.

Entering the BIOS Menu

Enter the BIOS setup menu by depressing [F2] during the first few seconds of the boot process; power cycle and repeat if the BIOS menu system is not displayed.

Note: macOS* users need to depress Fn+F2 when prompted, and then select Reboot into Firmware Interface and press Enter. Then depress Fn+F2 again to open the BIOS menu.

Select Device Manager and System Setup

  1. Navigate to the device manager selection and press enter.

  1. Navigate to system devices and press enter

  1. Select CPU configuration and then CPU Power Management

  1. Set Power Limit 1 as shown; Power Limit 1 Power [#] is maximum watts consumed by the module.


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