In this lab, we will unbox and set up an Intel® IoT Gateway and the Arduino 101* (branded Genuino 101* outside the U.S.) board (with a Seeed* Grove* Starter kit) along with several services available in Microsoft Azure* to monitor the temperature and alert maintenance of a high temperature. Using Node-RED*, running on the Intel® NUC, the application will read the temperature value from a Grove temperature sensor and publish that data to a Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub. From there a collection of Azure services including Stream Analytics, Event Hubs, SQL Database, Web Applications and Power BI Embedded will be used to both display the temperature data as well as alert the user to temperature readings over a certain threshold.

This hands-on lab tutorial was created to support Intel-run lab events. It utilizes the Grove* IoT Commercial Developer Kit, including the following components:

  • Intel® NUC (DE3915TYKE): A small desktop computer.
  • Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite: A specific version of the Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite operating system, which is offered only as part of the Grove* IoT Commercial Developer Kit. The operating system comes preinstalled on the Intel® NUC.
For instructions to get started with an Intel® IoT Gateway if you are not participating in a lab event, see Getting Started with Intel® IoT Gateways with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit.


In order to successfully complete this lab you will need:

  • Grove IoT Commercial Developer Kit link
  • Arduino 101* (branded Genuino 101* outside the U.S.) link
  • A computer. Windows*, Mac OS*  or Linux*
  • An active Microsoft Azure Subscription. If you do not have a current subscription, you can create one using the free trial
  • Node.js* 4.x or later. You can install Node.js from nodejs.org
  • Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is a free, open source, cross platform development environment. You can install it from code.visualstudio.com
  • Git installed and in your system path - You can install Git from git-scm.com/downloads
  • You also need to have your git global config setup with the user and email. To ensure the global config options, run the following commands from your command prompt or terminal window after installing git:

git config --global user.name "Your Name"

git config --global user.email "Your Email"


  1. Getting Started with Grove* IoT Commercial Developer Kit

  2. Intel® NUC Developer Hub Overview

  3. Connecting to your Gateway using SSH

  4. Blinking a LED with Node-RED*

  5. Reading the Temperature Sensor

  6. Planning your Microsoft Azure* Resources

  7. Creating a Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub

  8. Creating a Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub Device Identity

  9. Publishing Temperature Sensor Data to the Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub

  10. Processing Temperature Data with Stream Analytics

  11. Displaying Temperature Data with Microsoft Azure* Web Apps

  12. Sending Messages from the Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub to the Intel® IoT Gateway

  13. TIME PERMITTING - Display Temperature Data with Power BI Embedded

  14. Cleaning Up

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