Module Retention

The following recommendations outline the elements of a robust and electrically stable module mounting method:


  • Use mechanical techniques to maintain a 1.5 mm space between the module PCB and the expansion board.
  • Use conductive hardware to provide a ground path between the expansion board and the module thermal plate. The PCB should be using grounded studs.
  • Apply even force (0.1 newton-meter or 0.9 in-lbs, maximum) at each through-hole mounting locations (module inserts).
  • Thermal solutions that interface with the module thermal plate must be independently supported to prevent forces that can lift, twist, or crush the module during any movement-transition or vibration during actual, end-device use cases.

Module Mounting Reference Design

The following (reference only) images describe the surface mount threaded standoff used on the development kit expansion board.


Cross-section of development kit mounting hardware

Reference design for expansion board SMT threaded standoff

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