DC Power Jack Input (J4)

The J4 power jack on the expansion board is a surface mounted, RoHS compliant device. The connector is manufactured by CUI INC* as model number: PJ-002AH-SMT-TR.

  • The inner pin is positive voltage becoming the +VDC_IN signal on the expansion board. The +VDC_IN signal passes through a discrete circuit that provides polarity protection and filtering before reaching the input power multiplexer, U18.
  • Outer ring is ground; this is common with module ground and connector shields.
  • The jack accepts a 5.5 mm plug to a depth of 8.9 mm.

Refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet for additional details and the latest information.

Electrical Specifications

Source Item Min Typ Max Units Conditions
DC Power Jack VDCIN 7.0 12.0 12.4 V

At VDCIN pin of DC power jack

IDCIN     2.7 A At VDCIN of 12.0 volts

Note: Minimum voltage 7.0 is only for lightly loaded configurations. Attaching accessories will require the more typical voltage of 12.0.

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