HDMI Subsystem

The HDMI subsystem provides a micro-HDMI* Type-D connector at J10 for connecting compliant displays and HDMI audio devices to the development platform. Refer to Expansion Board Interfaces for the location of the HDMI connector.

The Intel® Joule™ expansion board provides the required filtering and voltage level translation (shifting) between the module HDMI bus and the physical interface outputs.

Refer to the Parade* PS8203 datasheet for the HDMI interface signal specifications.

The required +5 volt power to the micro-HDMI connector is provided directly from the +5 volt boost regulator on the expansion board.

Micro-HDMI* (Type-D) Connector Pinout

Pin # Net Name Direction Signal Description
1 HDMI_OP_HPD_INV Input Monitor or cable hot plug detect
2 N/C No connect No connect
3 HDMI_DAT2_CONN_DP Output Data lane 2, positive signal
4 GND Ground Ground
5 HDMI_DAT2_CONN_DN Output Data lane 2, negative signal
6 HDMI_DAT1_CONN_DP Output Data lane 1, positive signal
7 GND Ground Ground
8 HDMI_DAT1_CONN_DN Output Data lane 1, negative signal
9 HDMI_DAT0_CONN_DP Output Data lane 0, positive signal
10 GND Ground Ground
11 HDMI_DAT0_CONN_DN Output Data lane 0, negative signal
12 HDMI_CLK_CONN_DP Output Clock lane, positive signal
13 GND Ground Ground
14 HDMI_CLK_CONN_DN Output Clock lane, negative signal
15 N/C No connect No connect
16 GND Ground Ground
17 HDMI_OB_SCL Output I2C Clock
18 HDMI_OB_SDA Bidirectional I2C Data
19 +V5P0V_D Output +5-volt power to HDMI cable/sink device


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