Intel® RealSense™ Guide

Follow these instructions to connect your Intel® RealSense™ Camera ZR300 to the Intel® Joule™ development kit.

Note: The Intel® RealSense™ ZR300 Camera is only supported on the Intel® Joule™ 570x development kit.

You can then configure the platform for development with the Canonical Ubuntu 16.04 LTS* operating system.

Materials Needed

  • Intel® RealSense™ Development Kit Featuring the ZR300 and included USB3 cable
  • Intel® Joule™ development kit and an active cooling solution
  • Keyboard and mouse input devices connected to USB Type C port on the development board
    If the keyboard and mouse aren't served by a single dongle/physical connector, then a USB hub is required to increase the number of physical connections. While not required, a powered USB hub can provide enhanced signal quality and reduce the current load on the development board.
  • A 12V DC, 3A power supply for the Intel Joule development kit
  • HDMI display device and cable between your display and the Micro HDMI connector on the development board

Attach an Active Cooling Solution and Accessories

  • Reference fansink installation guide
  • Connect the power supply, display, and input devices

Update BIOS and Set module Power Limit (PL1)

Install Ubuntu Desktop* and the SDK

Begin Development Activities

  • Power down the platfom
  • Connect the Intel® RealSense™ Camera ZR300 directly to the USB3 Type-A port (J6) on the development board
  • Review the reference materials listed below and begin your development activities

Features of the Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Linux*

  • Person Library enables person tracking, localization, and recognition capabilities
  • Object Library provides object recognition, localization, and tracking capabilities
  • SLAM Library helps determine robot pose, recognize its position in an environment while simultaneously building a map of its surrounding

Intel® RealSense™ Documentation


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