Using the Development Platform

My development platform keeps rebooting while I'm trying to use it

There are several potential causes for this issue:

Equipment issues

  • You may have an issue with rebooting if you attempt to power your development platform using the Type C USB cable, then attach the power supply. For general operation, use either the Type C cable or the power supply to provide power to the development platform, not both at the same time. If flashing your BIOS, be sure to follow the directions to power your board in the correct order.
  • Be sure that you are using a 12V power supply when powering your development platform.
  • Rebooting may be caused by your development platform overheating, sometimes after 30 minutes or so of use. If you suspect your development platform is overheating, unplug all connections, including the power barrel jack, USB C connector, and powered USB 3.0 hub, then allow the development platform to cool before attempting to use it again.

Power management and configuration (for Reference Operating System for IoT)

  • You can try disabling the power management in the BIOS. Boot to the BIOS menu by pressing F2 during boot. From the BIOS menu, choose Device Manager -> System Setup -> ACPI Settings -> Disable Low Power S0 Idle Capability.
  • It may help to disable the runtime watchdog. To do so, locate and delete the /etc/systemd/system.conf.d/00-runtime-watchdog.conf file on your development platform and reboot the development platform. Alternatively, you can comment out the two lines in the file and reboot.

My keyboard/mouse is working erratically, or I am unable to boot to BIOS

This can be caused by a bad USB hub. Try a different powered USB 3.0 hub to see if this is the issue, and be sure that your keyboard, mouse, or other peripheral is not the issue.

Try unplugging and replugging in your device. You may want to plug a replacement device in to see if this resolves the problem.

Note that you may experience intermittent delays between entering keyboard commands and the input appearing onscreen. This is a known issue, and your keystrokes should appear onscreen in a few seconds. See also Serial Terminal.

My development platform won't turn off, even though I unplugged it!

Be sure that you have unplugged ALL connections to your development platform over which it might be receiving power. This includes:

  • 12V power supply attached to the barrel jack
  • The USB Type C connection
  • The powered USB 3.0 hub. The development platform can end up drawing enough power from the USB hub to turn the lights on, but will not have enough power to perform tasks like flashing your BIOS.

While flashing the eMMC or doing processor-intensive tasks, I’m getting an error that mentions "throttling"

This error occurs when the CPU gets too hot. Find a way to cool down your CPU by using a heatsink or fan.

What baud do I use for the serial port?

It is 115200. Note that in older versions of the BIOS and OS, the baud-rate was 230400. See Serial Terminal for details.

My development platform doesn't show up correctly in the Device Manager/the serial device has no driver

If you're trying to open serial communication with your development platform on a Windows* host, you may find that when you open Device Manager, the serial device has no driver. The Device Manager may show an error or an unknown driver message, along with a yellow warning triangle icon. If this happens:

  1. On your host computer, download the CDM v2.12.18 WHQL file from the FTDI website. Unzip the file.
  2. Right-click on the broken serial device entry in the Device Manager and select Update driver software.
  3. Click Browse my computer and select the folder you extracted the files to. The driver should automatically be found.

My development platform is asking me to log in, but I don't know my password

By default, your user name is root and the password is blank.

If you set a password for your development platform and forgot it, you can reset your development platform's password by reflashing Reference Operating System for IoT onto the development platform. You'll need to create a bootable device, boot from it, and set up your password. Note that when you flash the development platform with a new Reference Operating System for IoT image, you'll also need to re-enable SSH and unblock the ports on your development platform.

How do I enable battery charging on the Expansion Board?

Battery charging is not supported. See Battery Path for details.

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