MIPI*-CSI Signal Group Specifications

JCAM1 and JCAM2 connector interface signals

Supported configuration is a 13 mega-pixel cameral module on JCAM1 and a 5 mega-pixel camera module on JCAM2. The pin-out is the same for each connector.

Connector pin Signal Name Usage Description Note
21 CAM_CLK Output Camera master clock, programmable frequency 8
26 CSI_CLK_0_DN Input MIPI CSI Clock 0 3
24 CSI_CLK_0_DP Input MIPI CSI Clock 0 3
18 CSI_CLK_2_DN Input MIPI CSI Clock 2 4
16 CSI_CLK_2_DP Input MIPI CSI Clock 2 4
38 CSI_D0_DN Input MIPI CSI Data 0  
36 CSI_D0_DP Input MIPI CSI Data 0  
32 CSI_D1_DN Input MIPI CSI Data 1  
30 CSI_D1_DP Input MIPI CSI Data 1  
6 CSI_D2_DN Input MIPI CSI Data 2 5
4 CSI_D2_DP Input MIPI CSI Data 2 5
12 CSI_D3_DN Input MIPI CSI Data 3 5
10 CSI_D3_DP Input MIPI CSI Data 3 5
7 I2C_SCL Output I2C clock 7
5 I2C_SDA Input/Output I2C data 7
29 RESET1_N Output First camera reset, active low  
11 RESET2_N Output Second camera reset, active low  
9 SID Output Second camera I2C ID 2
1 VCAM_A Supply Camera analog supply 6
13 VCAM_AF Supply Camera autofocus supply 6
31, 33 VCAM_DIG Supply Camera digital supply 6
37 VCAM_IO Supply Camera I/O supply 1, 6
17, 23 VDD3 Supply VDD3 supply  
27 XSDW Output Camera(s) shutdown, active low  


  1. VCAM_IO is shared between JCAM1 and JCAM2
  2. SID is used for setting I2C slave address on the second sensor in a two camera configuration
  3. For a single camera configuration, lanes D0-D3 are paired with CLK0
  4. For two camera configuration, lanes D0-D1 are paired with CLK0 and lanes D2-D3 are paired with CLK_2
  5. Lanes D2 and D3 are optional and may not be needed if using a single low resolution camera
  6. Voltage rails are programmable and can be configured in the BIOS. However, the module design must be able to withstand voltages described in MIPI* CSI DC Specification. Appropriate decoupling capacitors are required on the camera module side.
  7. I2C signals require a 2.7k ohm pull-up to 1.8V, either externally or using the SoC internal pull-ups.
  8. For two camera configuration, CAM_CLK is shared between both cameras
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