Factory Installed Operating System

The compute module is shipped from the factory with the current version of the operating system, at the time of manufacturing, installed on the device.

This operating system is constantly evolving. To benefit from updates and additions in the time between your new device's manufacturer and when you received it, we recommend that you download and install the latest official release of the Reference Operating System for IoT.

Determine Version of the currently installed Operating System

Boot into the platform and enter the following command to see the version of the currently running operating system.

cat /etc/*-release

The build details will be displayed as shown in the example below.

PRETTY_NAME="Ref-Os-Iot 1.0+snapshot-20170216"
BUILD ID="20170216004909"

Look on the version line for the year and month: in this case 20170216 indicating the v1702 release.

Migration from Ostro* Project to Ref-OS-IoT

On initial release, the compute module was shipped with a version of the Ostro* project, a Yocto* defined recipe for embedded applications running on Intel Architecture that was also known as Reference Linux OS for IoT.

Currently the official software image has a very similar name and build structure, yet has grown to be an Intel owned distribution that includes more development packages within the build, optimized libraries for known devices, and a controlled release mechanism.

The very minor differences between the two distributions serves to limit the impact to user space applications developed for the Ostro* project. See the custom recipe section for additional information on adding applications to the build process.


Para obter informações mais completas sobre otimizações do compilador, consulte nosso aviso de otimização.