Unable to Connect - Remote Desktop Connection Failed

Unable to Connect - Remote Desktop Connection Failed

Hi Team,

We have deploy the Mesh Server internally and install the Mesh Agent on different machine to connect remotely. Everything was working good till last day. From today, when we try to connect our machine, it throw an exception : "Disconnected - Remote disconnect."

I tried several workaround..like stop and start Mesh Agent also restart the Mesh Server where it is deploy, but failed to connect with machine.

Please help me to resolve this issue, if anything required please let me know.. Thanks in Advance.



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Any help on this.. If need any file or information, Please let me know

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Hi. Someone forwarded me your question... I know what is going on. I recently updated the MeshAgent to version 199 that does TLS 1.2 along with a few more bug fixes, but your server does not support TLS 1.2. Just go in the Platform Manager and drag and drop these two .ZIP files into the "Runtime" panel.


This will update both servers to support TLS 1.2 and fix the problem. These zip files will still work with older agents. In addition to TLS 1.2, the new agent also fixes a problem with Windows 10 update and is set for MeshCentral2 transition.

Hope it helps,

Thank you Ylian S. It works for me.


Waiting for production version for MeshCebtral2. 

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