visual studio debug display derived type sections

visual studio debug display derived type sections


Using visual studio 2015 and intel fortran 17.1, should you be able to display sections (range) of a derived type that are not at the lowest level?

This upper level array syntax in VS 2015 debugger (1:2) in Elem field is failing in the watch window.  I thought this was going to work in 17.1/vs 2015.

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(1)%q(1, 6)            0.000000000000000D+000         REAL(8)

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(2)%q(1, 6)            0.000000000000000D+000         REAL(8)

                        Fem(m1)%Elem(1:2)%q(1, 6)                   Internal error in the expression evaluator.       



scott L

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I think it is supposed to work, but the implementation is incomplete. This aspect of the debug expression evaluator has gone through changes over the years.

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") - Retired from Intel

Hi Scott, hi Steve.

This feature is neither working in PSXE 2018 with VS 2015 update 3. It's sad to see that there is no progress with PSXE 2018.

Screenshot of VS 2015 watch window (type Kanten_info(2:3,1:5)). This works fine

But Kanten_info(2:3,1:5)%LNUMMER delivers the message 'A component cannot be an array if the encompassing structure is an array' and Kanten_info(2:3,1:5)%LNUMMER(1) gives 'Subscript out of range'.

@Intel team: An enhancement of VS integration would be highly appreciated.

Best regards, Johannes

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