Collect loop trip counts data during Trip Counts & FLOP analysis.

GUI Equivalent

Workflow > Trip Counts

Project Properties> Analysis Target> Trip Counts and FLOP Analysis> Collect information about loop trip counts





On (trip-counts)

Actions Modified



Use the option, which allows you to dynamically identify the number of times loops are invoked and executed, to:

  • Detect loops with too-small trip counts and trip counts that are not a multiple of vector length.

  • Analyze parallelism granularity more deeply.

Disabling can decrease analysis overhead.


Run a Trip Counts & FLOP analysis. Collect trip counts, FLOP, and call stack data.

$ advixe-cl --collect=tripcounts --flop --stacks --project-dir=./advi -- ./bin/myApplication

Run a Trip Counts & FLOP analysis. Collect only FLOP data.

$ advixe-cl --collect=tripcounts --no-trip-counts --project-dir=./advi --search-dir src:=./src -- ./bin/myApplication
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