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Geonote (a.k.a. Intelinote)

Descrição do projeto:

Geonote (originally Intelinote) is an easy note taking app that automatically organizes your notes by location! It is a cross-platform app that works on all devices and all browsers. Created using Intel XDK.

Geonote is in private beta. Visit to learn more and be notified when we launch!

Find out how Geonote was created at an Intel CodeFest hackathon at:

Uso dos SDK e das ferramentas Intel:

I used Intel XDK, an awesome IDE for cross-browser HTML5 development.

Recursos em destaque:

Intelinote lets you quickly add and view all your notes. Using geolocation, it helps you remember why and what the note was about. Very lightweight app that runs everywhere.

Lacunas ou áreas que precisam de atenção neste aplicativo:

Design help would be appreciated to help add polish. Beta testers and feedback will be helpful. More Android devices and testing help for various kind of devices.

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