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  1. Searching BMC IPMI SDK


    Mar 26, 2013 ... We have Intel Server Board S1200BTL. It supports IPMI through BMC. We want to develop some software that will use BMC features remotely.

  2. Intel IPMI Vs Intel AMT


    Jul 19, 2009 ... Hi, Please share the difference between Intel IPMI Vs Intel AMT and do the needful. Cheers!Praveen.

  3. intel IPMI fails. Is there any workaround for this problem?


    Jul 30, 2013 ... IPMI Please review our problem described below. We're trying to use IPMI for computers that have this capability. We have a machine with Intel ...

  4. Is AMT/VPRO SOL compatible to IPMI SOL


    Jul 24, 2013 ... Hi Could someone please tell me if the AMT Vpro SOL is the same protocol as IPMI? Or is it an equivalent functionality but with a different ...

  5. IPMI v2.0 specification: how to Identify LUN of sensors in PET


    May 19, 2011 ... Hi, About IPMI v2.0 specification, I understand it is possible to define in SDRR two sensors with same owner ID and Sensor Number and with ...

  6. Is AMT IPMI Compliant?


    Feb 5, 2008 ... I would like to know if AMT, Advanced Management Technology, is IPMI Compliant. If so, could you tell me which version of AMT and on is IPMI ...

  7. Usiing IPMI in solaris


    Jan 30, 2009 ... Hello all,I am trying to access the watchdog timer in Solaris using the IPMI v2. But not able to figure out how to start with. I am trying to access ...

  8. Determining the Idle Power of an Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor ...


    Jun 26, 2014 ... The SMC responds to queries from the platform's BMC using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). Through the Inter-Integrated ...

  9. Physical server provisioning with OpenStack* | Intel® Developer Zone


    Dec 18, 2014 ... It uses the agent modules for deploy and vendor interfaces and leverages the IPMI tool module for the power and management interfaces.

  10. Intel® Node Manager Programmer's Reference Kit | Intel ...


    Jun 6, 2012 ... The Kit simplifies the complex IPMI encoding and decoding for commands and responses, hides the protocol details, and provides simple ...

  11. read_mic_power_via_SMC.pl.txt (14.3 KB)


    The BMC uses the SDK General Application group (0x3E) with the 0x51 command called "Slot IPMB" to # bridge IPMI commands directly to the SMC. # # This ...

  12. Xeon Phi stops working after a while


    Dec 28, 2014 ... I don't believe this is a cooling issue, the card is not hot to touch (I tried touching the metal plate, it feels warm, but not hot), and nothing on IPMI ...

  13. Meshcentral.com - Update + IDF | Intel® Developer Zone


    Aug 28, 2012 ... Hi, I don't know much about other IDF sessions or MCTP/IPMI so, I don't ... to talk about lower-level manageability standards like MCTP or IPMI?

  14. AMT ports are closed


    Feb 27, 2014 ... We're able to access the BMC web interface on port 80, use the Java based remote console (port 7578), perform IPMI requests, and access the ...

  15. MIC reset failed


    Mar 25, 2013 ... i just upgrade BIOS and IPMI to the last one but the command ... The problem was solved upgrading BIOS & IPMI version of the system.

  16. Intel's baremetal provisioning patch for DevStack | Intel® Developer ...


    Dec 22, 2014 ... ... deploying the operating system using Ironic Python Agent and controlling the power status using IPMI commands sent via the ipmitool utility.

  17. AMT: Unspecified Event Codes (POST Error)


    14 nov. 2012 ... 2.0", "IPMI PET to Platform Message Registry Mapping, ver. 1.2.0", "IPMI Platform Event Trap Format Specification, ver. 1.0", "IPMI Specification ...

  18. OpenStack* with Intel Inside®


    or ASL code). Change P/T state. Power. Comsumption. Set Power Budget. Change. Power. Comsumption. Change number of. P/T-states available. Policy. IPMI.

  19. Shutting the coprocessor down


    Jun 27, 2013 ... 2) After "micctrl --shutdown", the two coprocessors go offline, "micsmc" gives a " lost card alert", and the power statistics in IPMI drops to 260 W.

  20. Deciphering Event Log messages


    Apr 17, 2007 ... Apparently, there is a conversion in some IPMI document that takes the ... You can get the IPMI Specifications at the following link: (Intelligent ...

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