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  1. pcm tools for DIMMs - Intel® Developer Zone

    Sep 7, 2013 ... Hi, With PCM, we can monitor channel read and writes. ... be mapped to the same rank in all DRAM channels, since channel interleaving on ...

  2. using ippiAlphaComp with separate RGB and A buffers

    7 jul. 2016 ... so I gather that I need to interleave the alpha and RGB images... ? convert ... function - shift pDst pointer to A-channel position and use your ...

  3. 7560 vs 5570 - Intel® Developer Zone

    14 jul. 2010 ... If you don't have at least 1 DIMM per channel, 7560 memory ... As Roman pointed out, the 2-way interleave BIOS setup option should be ...

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