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  1. CharacterRigidBody Issue


    CharacterRigidBody Issue. Rasmus J. Wed, 03/19/2014 - 03:15. Hi,. I'm making a First-Person shooter and am using hkpCharacterRigidBody for the controls.

  2. How Can I make a characterRigidBody never jump?


    Hi, me againThis time I want make my characterRigidBody run at a slope.And I have some question about the docs.

  3. Can't Character Rigid Body walk up spiral stair in Demo?


    Oct 15, 2009 ... Hi. I just play Character Proxy VS Rigid Body Demo. Are there problems? Why can't CRB walk up a spiral stair? Is it a known issue or meant to ...

  4. Velocity feedback and bouncing with Character Rigid Body


    Jun 4, 2008 ... ision normals on small steps with the character rigid body, I have lowered my world collision tolerance from 0.1 to 0.01. I realize that if this ...

  5. Prevent CharacterRigidBody from standing on top of one another


    Jun 24, 2010 ... Is there anyway to prevent CharacterRigidBodies from standing on top of one another? We're using a capsule shape. Not sure what other ...

  6. Rigid Body Character Controller oddities


    May 12, 2009 ... So I have switched to using a character rigid body for a couple of reasons. And now, turns out, my character rigid bodies are changing states ...

  7. replacing m_character in hkpCharacterRigidBody with an inherited ...


    Mar 13, 2014 ... I've inherited both of the classes hkpRigidBody and hkpCharacterRigidBody to RigidBody and CharacterRigidBody respectively. I noticed that ...

  8. TKBMS v1.0 ----------------------------------------------------- // // PLATFORM ...


    ... character rigid body addGridCharacterRigidBody( rowIndex, colIndex ); rowIndex++; // Create moving character rigid body addGridCharacterProxy( rowIndex, ...

  9. Character Context, update(...) causes program crash


    Demos\Physics\UseCase\CharacterControl\CharacterRigidBody\ PlatformsCharacterRb\PlatformsCharacterRbDemo.cpp. does anyone have ...

  10. Question about Character Rigidbody


    8 sept. 2010 ... It says the character rigid body has an infinite inertia tensor, it cannot rotate, does this mean I can't rotate the character rigid body even I apply ...

  11. Character Controller problems


    Aug 10, 2008 ... Create character rigid body { // Construct a shape hkVector4 top(0,0, .4f); hkVector4 bottom(0,0,-.4f); // Create a capsule to represent the ...

  12. Changing the speed of character


    Nov 30, 2010 ... I'm trying to change the speed my character rigid body's in real time so that they can come to gradual stops and slowly speed up instead of ...

  13. Colliding Characters move each other


    If any of them move (including, in this case, the character rigid body), the ... If you didn't care about the character rigid body colliding at all with ...

  14. Plane to Slope collision ( bug ?)


    Oct 21, 2008 ... Hello, here's my problem, when my character rigid body come from a horizontal surface to a slope, there a strange collision plane that appear ...

  15. I want to get contact point of wall.


    ... /CharacterControl/CharacterRigidBody/ControlCharacterRb for an ... do this you need to add a contact listener to your character's rigid body.

  16. MovingSupportRB Demo: What is the m_bodyType map used for?


    Apr 27, 2012 ... By default, the character rigid body controller ... MovingSupportRbDemo is used to store whether or not the character rigid body controller ...

  17. Welding problems


    Jun 3, 2008 ... This issue has come up before with character rigid body but I don't ... The character proxy is a little slower than the character rigid body but ...

  18. my character is pushed from moving platform.


    Dec 22, 2009 ... Physics/Use Case/Character Control/Character Rigid Body/Moving ... you should be using a character proxy instead of a character rigid body?

  19. [SOLVED]Intermittent NaN values on new hkpCharacterRigidBody call


    Oct 16, 2015 ... Hi all, I'm really having a hard time understanding this one. I'm getting intermittent NaN values when creating my character rigid body like so -

  20. #include "HkCharacterRB.h" #include "Hkload.h" #include ...


    pushBack( body ); } } // Create a character rigid body { // Create a capsule to represent the character standing hkVector4 vertexA(0,0, 0.4f); hkVector4 vertexB( 0,0 ...

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