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  1. Circular rotate that does not violate C/C++ standard?

    12 ago. 2015 ... We are having trouble crafting a portable circular rotate that executes in near constant time, does not violate the standards and is guaranteed to ...

  2. Circular dependency dropped

    29 out. 2010 ... Again I have this problem.Trying to compile one program,changed it slightly but I get this: make: Circular findiff2d.

  3. Intel Fortran compiles and links the program every time I debug or ...

    13 maio 2011 ... >>circular dependenciescan be handledwiththe submodule feature ... tree nowinstead of a list which can generate circular dependencies.

  4. INTERFACE/CONTAINS Stack is full #6618

    error #6618: The INTERFACE/CONTAINS stack is full. This means that modules are being 'used' in a circular way. I am confused as to what this error means.

  5. v16.0.1.150 - INTERFACE/CONTAINS stack is full

    10 dez. 2015 ... F90(86): error #6618: The INTERFACE/CONTAINS stack is full. This means that modules are being 'used' in a circular way.

  6. error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file

    24 fev. 2014 ... If that fails I have often found it is because there are some circular ... Is there a way to tell if I have circular dependencies from the project file?

  7. Modules & multiple source files

    This sort of circular dependency will give dependency analyzers fits. ... number of components, surely it could contain many of these circular dependencies.

  8. Branch Trace Store

    Jun 7, 2012 ... circular BTS buffer, SW need to set BTS interrupt threshold to a value greater than BTS absolute maximum (fields of the DS buffer management ...

  9. Best practices for handling variable width sub_group sizes?

    24 ago. 2016 ... ... is dependent on a certain subgroup size and variations in the code result in changes to the subgroup size then ... it becomes a circular mess.

  10. Cookies for IntelXDK Cache

    5 jan. 2016 ... 132, < div class = "progress-circular-spinner" ></ div >. 133, </ div >. 134, < div class = "progress-circular-gap" ></ div > ...

  11. Splash screen stretch issue

    13 ago. 2015 ... ... splash screen comes stretched. Image is stretching vertically & distorting the circular logo to look like an ellipse. How to fix this issue. Thanks.

  12. Does OpenMP 4.5 require change in this usage?

    9 dez. 2015 ... The vectorization requires some kind of peeling to break the circular dependency . This can be written out, but it looks nicer, and performs better.

  13. Documentation missing in IVF14

    8 nov. 2013 ... There is probably a circular reference. The issue is a little bit annoying, but I kept my VS2010 with IVF13 and so I am able to consult the ...

  14. traslation

    Sep 9, 2015 ... It is getting rotated and traslation motion in 3 directions. But i need it a motion like pendulum(semio circular motion in a plane). I tried many ...

  15. linker looks for generated lib stub in the wrong location

    Sep 7, 2016 ... Because of circular dependencies, I need to build a bunch of lib stubs before the dlls are build. The Fortran DLLs are dependent on other DLLs ...

  16. Sharing data between DLLS using modules

    At minimum, you have a circular dependency in your projects. ... We made a separate DLL to define the shared data eliminating the circular reference and added ...

  17. Linking object files crashes in Visual Studio, command line ok.

    Sep 12, 2016 ... Many of them build DLLs. However, because of circular dependencies with other DLLs, the DLL projects are dependent on the object files only.

  18. unnecessary builds

    Jun 20, 2012 ... Go looking for circular module dependencies - module A depends on B depends on A; and circular file dependencies - module in file A ...

  19. Compiling CDFTF example

    Jul 1, 2009 ... There are circular references between the libraries. To resolve all of them successfully the libraries have to be either repeated or placed inside ...

  20. undefined reference with -O3, not -O0

    In order to instruct ld to cycle through a group of libraries in case of circular dependencies, there are the -Wl,--start-group...-Wl,--end-group commands; otherwise ...

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