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  1. Are Intel Compiler-generated objects/binaries backward and/or ...


    Aug 22, 2014 ... Are Intel Compiler-generated objects/binaries backward and/or forward compatible between versions? Brandon Hewitt (Intel)'s picture ...

  2. module compatibility between ifort versions


    Oct 12, 2009 ... It cannot be read............Is there a way to use modules compiled with older versions of ifort and use them with newer version? thanksamit.

  3. Intel compilers compatibility between versions


    Apr 18, 2012 ... Hi, Can someone can make it clear how compatibility is handled/supported through diffrent versions of Intel compilers (especialy between 11.1 ...

  4. Intel® Compilers for Linux*: Compatibility with GNU Compilers


    This paper describes the compatibility between Intel® Compiler for Linux* and .... and C++ binary files created with GNU gcc and g++ versions 3.4 and later.

  5. English


    ... for "compatibility with older". License compatibility with older Intel® compiler versions | Intel . ... How do ... Compatibility between VF6.6.a and older versions.

  6. Intel Compiler version numbers to Intel Parallel Studio XE ...


    May 5, 2014 ... Maps Intel Compiler Update Versions to their official version numbers. ... Updates within a VERSION are compatible. Thus if you can't ..... it actually let's you get those damned installation consistently done across X systems.

  7. Debug/release versions of .mod files


    Apr 13, 2014 ... I know the .mod file is a compiler-generated binary, but as a Fortran ... major compiler releases, but we try to maintain compatibility across major ...

  8. Migrating from Compaq* Visual Fortran | Intel® Developer Zone


    Aug 2, 2012 ... Intel Visual Fortran is highly compatible with CVF and for most ... refer to the appropriate compiler release notes and the compiler documentation. ... as you do not try to share input/ output units across the two environments.

  9. intel-linux-compiler-13-0-gnu-compatibility-rev6.pdf (601.96 KB)


    This paper describes compatibility between the Intel® Compilers for Linux* .... In addition, compared to previous versions, the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux has.

  10. libmmd.dll symbol changes between compiler releases cause trouble


    The compiler run-time math library libmmd.dll can change its contents from release to release of the compiler. Usually that's not a ... The libraries are said to be tested for compatibility in a forward direction. For example, if all ...

  11. Linking against Fortran libraries with mixed compilers


    Apr 30, 2014 ... Linking against Fortran libraries with mixed compilers ... that if library objects are not compatible between Fortran compilers I would install the .a and .... good about offering module compatibility with different compiler versions.

  12. Intel C++ Compiler 11.1 Release Notes | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 18, 2011 ... Current release notes and installation guide for the Intel C++ Compiler 11.1 ... All files are in PDF format - Adobe Reader* (or compatible) required. ... I see some degree of inconsistency between online html-docs when they ...

  13. Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 Update 1 for Linux* Release Notes for Intel ...


    Jul 6, 2015 ... Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 Update 1 for Linux* Release Notes for Intel Parallel ... ( Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or later, or compatible non-Intel processor) ..... to enable sharing local memory between threads on Intel® Graphics ...

  14. GCC* Compatibility and Interoperability | Intel® Developer Zone


    The Intel® C++ Compiler is compatible with most versions of the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc*). The release notes contains a list of compatible versions.

  15. FAQ for Intel® C++ Compiler Support in Intel® System Studio | Intel ...


    What are the supported Intel® Compiler versions? ... Are the Intel C++ compiler- generated binaries backward or forward compatible between versions? Yes, in ...

  16. Intel Fortran Compiler 11.1 Release Notes | Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 18, 2011 ... Release notes and installation guide for the Intel Fortran Compiler 11.1 ... All files are in PDF format - Adobe Reader* (or compatible) required.

  17. Intel MPI Library and Composer XE Compatibility | Intel® Developer ...


    Mar 31, 2014 ... The following table lists all supported versions of the Intel® MPI Library ... on the cross-compatibility between the library and associated compiler.

  18. ABI compatibility between updates of the Intel C++ compiler


    On linux, the intel C++ compiler libraries (eg. libimf.so) don't use ... are these libraries ABI compatible? eg. if I built a shared library with ... Would you consider adding soname versions to the intel libraries to make this clear?

  19. Intel® Compilers for Linux*: Application Porting Guide Abstract This ...


    is compatible to the GNU* compilers in terms of source, binary and .... levels of performance across the full spectrum of Intel® processor technologies. ..... latest release of Intel C++ Compiler XE for Linux* and Mac OS* X more C++11 features  ...

  20. is there compatibility between "SLES 10 sp2" and intel c++ ???


    Oct 29, 2011 ... dear all,i have a question:is there compatibility between "SLES 10 sp2" and intel c++ ? ... For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see ... You can check the release notes that come with Intel C/C++ to see ...

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