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  1. LINK fatal error LNK1561: entry point must be defined

    9 dez. 2010 ... I am using Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* . ... I am getting the message 'entry point must be defined.

  2. Entry point not found in libmmd.dll

    Dear Dr. Fortran and community, I am getting the following entry point not found error message: "The procedure entry point _libm_sse2_cbrt could not be located  ...

  3. how to set entry point

    24 nov. 2009 ... Hi, I havewindows application in VC++ 4.0, I ported window to console basedapplication which has both c++ and fortran code. It is comiling ...

  4. fatal error LNK1561: entry point must be defined when migrating ...

    23 fev. 2009 ... Hello Steve I am trying to migrate from Compaq Visual Fortran to Intel ... After trying to build the project I get fatal error LNK1561: entry point ...

  5. The procedure entry point mkl_serv_deallocate could not be located

    I have just upgraded to Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013. However I found that my sample code cannot run due to this error: The procedure entry point ...

  6. Getcharqq() ignores keyboard entry in this circumstance

    15 set. 2008 ... The fortran routine simply asks the user a question, but makes use of ... strokes and echo them as "*" to the screen like a typical passwork entry.

  7. fatal error LNK1561: entry point muct be defined

    1 fev. 2010 ... Hi, I am using Intel Visual Fortran and C compilers together on Microsoft Visual ... I get error: "fatal error LNK 1561: entry point must be specified".

  8. Intel Fortran 2017 Beta and Fortran 2016 coexisiting

    17 abr. 2016 ... I am using the Fortran compiler and it all works very well. ... </entry> <entry> < record>378</record> <time>2016/04/17 09:09:02.015</time>

  9. Multiple Entry point for one DLL

    5 fev. 2016 ... Is it possible to have more than one entry point within one fortran DLL ? I was able to do that when I was compiling dll with Lahey Fortran. If yes ...

  10. "The procedure entry point for_error_stop could not be located...

    30 jan. 2015 ... Suddenly, I encounter this message while trying to run my code (which compiles fine with Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE ...

  11. ENTRY statement in a library function

    Put the Fortran routines in a module and USE the module. ... the functions I need to call is declared as an ENTRY statement inside another function of the library.

  12. FORTRAN Executable Appears To Depend On Debug DLL

    Our code is developed on VS 2008 C++ and Intel FORTRAN 10.1. ... DLL (not the debug one) that isn't covered by a manifest entry - this is usually trouble.

  13. C and CVF compatibility

    The C and Fortran codes are all OK, but your project settings aren't -- the linker ... there's, however, "Fortran console application", which assumes Fortran entry ...

  14. Fatal error LNK2023: bad DLL or entry point 'msobj80.dll"

    10 dez. 2009 ... Hi, I have just installed my new software Intel Visual Fortran, and when trying to link the sample program "hello world", i get this error message: ...

  15. Entry point missing for libifcoremd.dll?

    16 fev. 2010 ... The procedure entry point for_array_copy_out could not be located in ... ensuring that only the most recent Intel Fortran DLL folder is in there.

  16. Visual Studio doesn't see Fortran Compiler

    7 fev. 2014 ... Hello, I have 2008 versions of both Visual Studio and Intel Fortran compiler, ... ( Archived) › 2011 Apprentice (Entry) Level Problems (Archived).

  17. MKL Error : parameter 3 was incorrect on entry to zgemm

    MKL Error : parameter 3 was incorrect on entry to zgemm .... I'm running my code with the Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows*, I don't use a makefile.

  18. Linker doesn't find static library although the libpath entry is correct

    Linker doesn't find static library although the libpath entry is correct ... I am new to the Intel Fortran 9 compiler and to VS2003, so maybe I'm a bit clumsy, but.

  19. C# WPF Calling DLL - Unhandled exception of type 'System ...

    Jan 16, 2015 ... Within the solution I have a C# WPF (MYAPP) and a Fortran DLL (MYDLL) ... in MYAPP.exe Additional information: Unable to find an entry point ...

  20. call .exe file in fortran

    26 jul. 2011 ... How to call a .exe file in intel visual fortran? ... Threading Challenge Contest ( Archived) › 2011 Apprentice (Entry) Level Problems (Archived).

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