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  1. Events - All


    Deliver fast, efficient real-time & OTT video simply with new media acceleration technologies & reduce costs. Learn more: http://intel.ly/1OjtAf8. Add ...

  2. Event List | Intel® Developer Zone


    If required, edit a list of hardware events monitored by the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for your processor by modifying an existing or creating a new hardware  ...

  3. Hardware Event-based Sampling Collection | Intel® Developer Zone


    The hardware event-based sampling collector of the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier profiles your application using the counter overflow feature of the Performance ...

  4. Intel Android Developers Events


    Events with Intel you don't want to miss. ... Event: DroidCon London. Event: DroidCon London. Oct 29 - Oct ... Event: AnDevCon Santa Clara. Event: AnDevCon ...

  5. Archived Events | Intel® Developer Zone


    Check out these event recaps... GDC · CalPoly · Intel Game Changer Camp 2015 · Intel IoT Roadshow: Seattle · CES · Intel® IoT Roadshow: Seoul.

  6. Watchdog Events


    Watchdog Events. This section describes the Watchdog Events Platform Event Traps. For more information, see the following: • Default Watchdog Event.

  7. IoT - Events | Intel® Developer Zone


    Find upcoming worldwide Intel® IoT events and read recaps of past events.

  8. Events - Game Dev


    Nov 24, 2015 (9:00am - 6:00pm CET). A one day community event that brings game developers together with industry leaders to network, learn and inspire! Add ...

  9. WMI Events


    The Intel ME WMI provider publishes WMI events that reflect real-time ... they are implemented as Extrinsic Events and derived from the _ExtrinsicEvent class.

  10. Identifying Received Events


    Identifying Received Events. To identify the meaning of the WS-Eventing events that are sent from the Intel AMT firmware, you must perform the following: 1.

  11. EAC Events


    The following table describes the EAC events (App ID = 28). ... signing EAC postures was either set or removed (event is logged only if the posture is modified).

  12. Precise Events | Intel® Developer Zone


    Precise events are events for which the exact instruction addresses that caused the event are available. You can configure these events to collect extended ...

  13. Subscribe for Events


    The following steps describe how to subscribe for events. 1. ... key equals the desired filter, for example “Intel(r) AMT:All” (see WS-Eventing Event Filters). 3.

  14. Enable and Disable Auditing of Events


    The following steps describe how to enable and disable auditing of events. 1. Retrieve the instance of AMT_AuditPolicyRule, where the “PolicyRuleName” key  ...

  15. Intel Processor Events Reference | Intel® Developer Zone


    Intel® VTune™ Amplifier provides a set of hardware event-based analysis types that help you estimate how effectively your application uses hardware resources  ...

  16. Events for Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Coprocessor (Code Name: Knights ...


    This section provides reference for hardware events that can be monitored for the CPU(s): Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) coprocessor The following ...

  17. Security Audit Log Events


    The following table describes the Security Audit Log events events (App ID = 20). Beginning in Release 8.0, all Security Audit Log events are enabled by default.

  18. User Notification of Intel AMT Events and Condition changes


    User Notification of Intel AMT Events and Condition changes ... The UNS logs the events in the Window Application Event Log. The events include reports of ...

  19. Event Manager Events


    Event Name. ID. Description. Parameters. Trigger. Alert Subscribed. 0. An alert subscription was created successfully. UINT8 PolicyId. WS-MAN: ...

  20. Public Events


    Public Events. The following are the available public events exposed by the AmtRemoteControl class. PowerChangeStartingEvent. This event is invoked ...

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