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  1. Passing Arrays from MS Excel to a DLL

    Hi (1) I was delighted to (eventually) be able to access a FORTRAN 6.1 DLL from MS Excel. The example DLL I made and used had only discrete numerical ...

  2. Excel call to Fortran DLL function with array argument

    Dec 7, 2004 ... The question is how do I declare this array in the corresponding Excel add-in and how do I have to declare the array in the Fortran routine?

  3. Passing one-dimensional array from Fortran dll to Excel 2010

    3 ago. 2012 ... I am trying to pass a one-dimensional array from a Fortran dll to Excel 2010. I havesuccessfully run the sample program and I have successfully ...

  4. Intel Array Visualizer with Excel/VBA

    Dec 6, 2005 ... Hi, In the past I have been using the compaq array visualizer as an active x control (Avis2D.ocx) in a user form within an excel application.

  5. Export Fortran arrays during debug in Visual Studio 2012 - Fortran ...

    1 dez. 2015 ... I would like to export some array for comparing reason. The export ... What I need to do is export this array someway (text file, excel, matlab.

  6. Using Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010

    3 mar. 2015 ... Hello every one, I am trying to use Fortran dll in VBA of Excel 2010, but I have a problem now. I want to get virtual array as returned value, but ...

  7. Passing Array of Characters To VBA using a DLL

    9 nov. 2010 ... Passing Array of Characters I have been trying to pass a character array from FORTRAN DLL to VBA Excel but I havent had any luck Is there an ...

  8. Assumed shape arrays in the hierarchy (.hie) file of a COM DLL

    However, if I don't set the dimensions of the array correctly (in my case, it is [191 ... You will need to access the DLL from some kind of client (I use MS Excel and ...

  9. where is problem in this code?

    12 jan. 2011 ... ... output file and need simple code for read data that highlited and list in new file as xy (two colume for excel) ... 15. read(iunit,'(5f14.0)') array.

  10. I need simple fortran code for read data from file

    I have output file and need simple code for read data that highlited and list in new file as xy (two colume for excel) ... 15, read (iunit, '(5f14.0)' ) array ...

  11. problem running Intel Visual Fortran Project Release version in ...

    Sep 20, 2011 ... particulalry have you opened it with excel or some spreadsheet program that ... One, turn on String and Array Bounds Checking under Fortran ...

  12. fortran dll and STOP statement

    I call DLL's from Excel, and if the DLL fails to return, Excel will hang, you cannot ... one error in a call have an allocatable array of these objects as an argument.

  13. How to migrate "AUTODICE" sample to IVF

    Dec 22, 2005 ... ... on the whole forum; how to save data from a Fortran program to an Excel file. ... modify an array value when they execute, for example:Code:

  14. call dll from CVF

    Mar 29, 2006 ... So I can change the EXCEL spreadsheet toa input file. ... that VBA processed the spreadsheet and sent the data to the Fortran as array(s).

  15. Cannot access fortran dll routines from VB macro

    /heap-arrays /fpstrict /static /threads -link /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE /IMPLIB:". ... However, if I try calling test from an Excel macro, Excel claims that the library in ...

  16. Runtime error 38

    5 ago. 2009 ... I have a DLL application which is called from Excel. I am getting an intermittent runtime ... "Array temporary created..." (informational message)

  17. Problems in VBA libraries

    10 dez. 2012 ... I am working with libraries to VBA Excel 2010 (xlsm format), but I have problems in the excel ouputs. ... (Array arguments must be ByRef in VBA.

  18. 64bit Fortran DLL works when called from VBA but not from VB.NET

    Sep 28, 2015 ... In 64bit OS, VBA (64bit Excel) works fine, but VB. ... works just fine without _c_float and _c_int attributes in the fortran side and with 2D arrays.

  19. Fortran module wizard error

    I am doing the following: 1) Selecting the Microsoft Excel 15.0 Object library from ... Consider enabling the Fortran Optimization > Heap Arrays > 0 option to use ...

  20. ROUND function in Intel Fortran 12.1

    Say something similar to ROUND function in MS Excel. I knew there is a work ... The Array and SubSet are arrays of entities (particles). The particle would ...

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