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  1. selecting excel sheet thru fortran - Intel® Developer Zone

    23 nov. 2003 ... I saw few messages in the forum which indicates that some of us are struggling to select different sheet in excel workbook when they use fortran ...

  2. Selection Different Sheets at the Excel

    22 maio 2002 ... I want to read data from different sheets instead of ActiveSheet at the excel application, so I need to select any sheet named by me.I tried to use ...

  3. Excel Automation WorkSheets.Add method

    works. I have a test code that opens an Excel instance and then creates a new workbook. To add a new worksheet to this workbook, I use the following:.

  4. Excel/Fortran interface assistance - Intel® Developer Zone

    I noticed during testing that if the active sheet in excel is a chart then we fail as there are no cells to populate in the worksheet object! I can trap the error and tell  ...

  5. excell spreadsheet compatibility - Intel® Developer Zone

    8 abr. 2002 ... ... Fortran (version 6.6a) and wish to write a code (in Fortran) that will enable me to read input data directly from cells in an Excel spread sheet.

  6. Calling EXCEL functions - Intel® Developer Zone

    28 abr. 2003 ... I am trying to develop a program to load data into an EXCEL workbook using the EXCEL97A module as used in the AUTODICE example ...

  7. Cannot access fortran dll routines from VB macro

    However, if I try calling test from an Excel macro, Excel claims that the library in ... in the same directory as the Excel sheet from which I'm trying to run the macro.

  8. IFCOM Automation - Add a worksheet - Intel® Developer Zone

    3 fev. 2009 ... I am trying to add a new worksheet to an existing Excel workbook. I am not able to do it successfully. Can someone please help me to figure this ...

  9. COMCreateObject or COMGetFileObject - Intel® Developer Zone

    Jun 1, 2011 ... ... with success:call comcreateobject("excel.application.12",object,iret)but I don't know ... Application.11" loads Office Excel 2003). ... Sheet.12"?

  10. Uninitialized variable not flagged - Intel® Developer Zone

    26 nov. 2013 ... For my code, since it is part of a DLL called from Excel, runtime ... Once Excel starts, open test workbook, or enter commands into cell that will ...

  11. Very low IPC - Intel® Developer Zone

    12 maio 2005 ... ... run on the older dual galattin i am testing.Can somebody see my mistake, an excel sheet of the profiling run plus CPI/IPC can be found here: ...

  12. Can I merge results from different projects? - Intel® Developer Zone

    2 abr. 2003 ... The only workaround for exporting the "call list table" i can suggest you is to select rows with the mouse, "Ctr-C" and "Ctrl-V" inside Excel sheet.

  13. Reconhecimentos e contribuições - Intel® Developer Zone

    Tópico do fórum, Selection Different Sheets at the Excel, Publicado, selahattin, 3, 22/05/2002 - 14:22, 1 ano 1 mês atrás. Tópico do fórum, Calling EXCEL ...

  14. Error at $WorkSheet_Select Function

    28 maio 2002 ... I wrote folowing code to select one of sheet in the Excel workbook, but I got " Severe Error(157) , Programing Exception, Access Violation" ...

  15. ippiSampleLine not working as expected - Intel® Developer Zone

    14 jul. 2010 ... ... image seems very "squeezed" (attached excel data sheet), and there are lots of initialized values (0's in my case) at the end of the line buffer.

  16. Array viewer bug - Intel® Developer Zone

    In Excel (97) I see 3 sheets. Sheet 1 has a 5 column table of 23 rows. Sheet 2 and 3 are ... Jim, I haven't tried loading Excel files in AV with Excel '97. The Excel  ...

  17. Object oriented\\ Excel

    If not,what are those capabilities and what is their usage? 2. Is it possible to open an excel file in fortran and manipulate the data in different sheets of the file and ...

  18. Converting string arguments to variant type arguments

    3 jul. 2002 ... Working with Excel, I have to use function or subroutine ... to give worksheet names to workbook or to select a sheet with its names like occuring ...

  19. Visual Fortran, EXCEL and AUTODICE - Intel® Developer Zone

    22 dez. 2010 ... I use FORTRAN code which executes EXCEL calls based on the ... I can no longer maintain EXCEL sheets from within my FORTRAN program.

  20. New Xeon, poorer performance - Intel® Developer Zone

    Jun 12, 2015 ... The results can be found on sheet 1 of the attached Excel file, however I also want to go through what I have verified. There is no thermal ...

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