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  1. Procurar | Intel® Software

    I'm doing an H264 encoding with timecode using Intel Media QSV encoder. The encoded file doesn`t ... Since a short delay occurs for the multi-monitor to flash, .

  2. Got the crash bug with H.264 decoder(Urgent)

    Also we have a suggestion: could Intel fix this H.264 delay issue in a official release? ... Size of DPB depends from level_idc (IPP H.264 encoder parameter) and ...

  3. DirectShow h264 Encoder KeyFrames only and then Decode ...

    Nov 7, 2011 ... DirectShow h264 Encoder KeyFrames only and then Decode KeyFrames ... I also noticed a huge delay from the Decoder which is explained in ...

  4. How to change encoder's base pts-dts shift?

    3 out. 2013 ... imsdk h264 encoder always produce first encoded frame's dts = minimal_input_pts - 80ms (-2 frames at 25 fps rate), except low-delay I/P-only ...

  5. Slow H264 encoding - How to speed up?

    I need the encode to take no longer than 33ms per frame. ... Any changes to the UMC code perhaps (this almost seems like an artificial delay)? I have CPU cores just .... Or is the UMC H264 encoder not designed for realtime HD encoding?

  6. Procurar | Intel® Software

    Hi, I have a question when i use ROI in H264 encoder filter.In doc mediasdk-man, it is said ... More live video delay using intel media SDK h264 decoder from .

  7. H.264 - B-Frames cause hiccups, only with HW encoding

    A very off thing that I've had with the H264 encoder : When encoding video ... P.S. sorry for the delays, the forum doesn't send me E-mail updates for this thread.

  8. Difference in h264 stream generated by IMSDK HW encoder and ...

    Jan 11, 2016 ... Difference in h264 stream generated by IMSDK HW encoder and SW .... If I set IDRInterval to 50, it delays the IDR generation till 50th I frame ...

  9. How to predict h264-encoder's PTS-DTS shift?

    10 fev. 2014 ... It is called "Multiple-Segment Encoding" at the imsdk documentation. ... Consider a scenario with several h264-streams stitching/concatenation (streams are created by different encoders). ... Sorry for the delay in replying.

  10. OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC question

    31 out. 2013 ... The encoder works fine. ... I'm developing a H.264 video encoder application on a Lenovo K900 ... Apologize for the delay with response.

  11. H.246 HW encoding interlaced video

    I am trying to encode 1080i30 video to h264, using HW acceleration. I am using ... H.246 HW encoding interlaced video ..... Sorry for the delay. I got your log and  ...

  12. Procurar | Intel® Software

    High Video Latency using MediaCodec on Moorefield H264 Decoder ... in general expect to receive when one wants to decode a picture for which the encoder .

  13. Sandy Bridge hardware acceleration

    Mar 22, 2011 ... I am attempting to encode H.264 video in hardware and am running into trouble. ... Hi Kevin,Sorry for long delay with reply from our side.

  14. Have some trouble while using MSDK for server 2014

    7 jul. 2014 ... Intel« Hardware H.264 Decoder MFT ... Intel« Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT ... Sorry for the delay in replying. The version of Windows ...

  15. IPP 7.0 samples - mp4 muxer fixes

    Jan 14, 2011 ... Problems found when muxing H.264 file, with many IDR frames (for example every 28 ... sorry for loooong answer delay :/ ... I suppose you assume H264 and AAC input from intel encoder which in my case is not enough.

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