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  1. Optimisation report says large loop trip count ignored

    May 9, 2016 ... In general, that increases the importance of vectorized remainder loops. ... You may be able to turn off vectorization of remainder loops (for ...

  2. Vectorization Limitations - The step towards SIMD Programming

    29 nov. 2008 ... It seemsauto-vectorization is not infallible as in many cases the ... code which makes a sinerio for SIMD programming totake it's importance?

  3. Please help with vectorization questions - Intel® Developer Zone

    May 31, 2007 ... Hi guys, I'm new to trying to vectorize loops, and I have a couple of ... By now, you should see the importance of including more relevant ...

  4. Has ICC 11.0 overcome 10.0 troubles?

    8 maio 2009 ... Buggy and poorer vectorization than 9.1, I've read. ... at the expense of auto- parallel, increasing the importance of OpenMP programming. Topo.

  5. Is there some books about SIMD(sse, avx and so on) optimization?

    17 dez. 2013 ... is a ... I concur with your observation about the importance of treating those ...

  6. Scalability on Intel quad CPU

    6 maio 2016 ... ... on top of the best the production ifort can do with AVX vectorization. ... prefetch seems to reduce but not eliminate the importance of THP.

  7. Some toughts about rendering primitives interface

    26 abr. 2010 ... (Possibly SSE vectorization). ... rays (The number is determined dynamically using surface shader parameters and importance of the rendering, ...

  8. Why Fortran Composer XE 2013 has optimization option ...

    Jun 18, 2013 ... I also understand the importance of RTFM but information about ... in the order of operations, including optimizations such as vectorization, can ...

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