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  1. Problem with /Qparallel and /Qopenmp?

    Dec 29, 2008 ... We found there are some limitations like: Threadprivate dynamic C++ ... was considered serious enough to requirethe inconsistent defaults.

  2. OpenMP and pointers - Intel® Developer Zone

    18 jun. 2003 ... This is done, so that thread private copies of arrays can be generated ... If you can't find an inconsistency in your program when the arrays are ...

  3. Unexpected return value of omp_get_thread_num() with tasks

    9 jan. 2014 ... With icc I get inconsistency with the thread numbers inside the for loop and inside the task_func() function. An example for the output:

  4. Slowdown when upgraded to Compiler version 11.0 - Intel® Software

    Jan 12, 2009 ... Apparently, this has performance implications for threadprivate data, ... It always involved numerical inconsistencies, which became worse in ...

  5. Missing free ICC version for Opensource development on Windows

    12 jun. 2016 ... Could anyone shed lite on the reasons of such inconsistencies? Any chance, that things will change in the future? BTW, Intel Developers make ...

  6. precision error/optimization - Intel® Developer Zone

    Apr 10, 2010 ... The real code, of course, is much more complex and I was not able to remove inconsistency between different level of optimization by simply ...

  7. FORTRAN Code Migration from SGI to Windows - Intel® Software

    17 out. 2008 ... This can cause numerical inconsistencies when compared to another platform that doesn't have extended-precision registers. Version 11 will ...

  8. Running results are different for an application from compiling -O0 ...

    18 set. 2013 ... ... in production mode. You need to find the cause of the difference. Very likely they are caused by inconsistencies of floating point operation.

  9. Concurrency vs Advanced Hotspot Analysis - Intel® Developer Zone

    Jun 3, 2015 ... To test if these "inconsistencies in the concurrency histogram" were being caused by something in my library I executed the same program as ...

  10. Xeon Phi: HW Exception: Segmentation Fault in all examples

    May 23, 2014 ... Please roll back to MPSS 3.2 or forward to MPSS 3.2.3 which fixed this inconsistency. Topo. Login para postar comentários. Michael H.

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