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  1. repeat initialization of local variable

    May 4, 2015 ... Notwithstanding the Fortran standard: ""A variable, or part of a ... Início › Fóruns › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* .... And with all of our local variables being saved, it is assigned once.

  2. Compile-time checking of uninitialized variables

    ... Development Products › Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* and Mac OS X* ... to be sure that nothing depends on local variables being initialized to zero.

  3. derived type with allocatable components and memory consumption

    Linux XXX 2.6.18-6-686 XXX i686 GNU/Linux ... 6 allocatable variable that is a named local variable of the procedure retains its allocation and definition 7 status  ...

  4. -check is missing from online documentation for Linux

    Well, -check IS available under Linux! ... This option also enforces local variables initialization and stack pointer ... check none Linux and OS X: -nocheck.


    The ones that need automatic variables are marked with OPTIONS /RECURSIVE and this ... I have some code I am porting from VMS to use the Intel Fortran Compiler on Linux. ... o Changes the default allocation class for all local variables

  6. variable type in out a subroutine

    11 ago. 2015 ... dear all, I would like to know how works the allocatable variable ... Início › Fóruns › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* ... In general, when a local variable or a component is allocatable, ...

  7. Multithreaded Fortran Subroutine Guidelines?

    10 jan. 2011 ... ... to compile the Fortran code and gcc v4.1.2 to compile and link the program in Linux. ... local variables declared within the subroutines/functions will be ... The default for function/subroutine declared "local" arrays are SAVE.

  8. Procurar | Intel® Software

    Local variables without the SAVE attribute (or when the /Qsave compiler option ... ...

  9. Problems exiting subroutines

    7 jul. 2006 ... I have now recompiled them in Linux using Ifort 9.0, and am ... If you mean that a local variable does not keep the value from the last call to that ...

  10. Switch from GNU to Ifort both under Linux

    Jul 8, 2015 ... Switch from GNU to Ifort both under Linux .... local variables .... Therefore I'm still looking for a linux machine with an GNU Compiler (V 4.4.x).

  11. why does "-openmp" result different files for an OpenMP-free Fortran ...

    25 jun. 2013 ... This subroutine has only local variables (no common blocks). I'm really confused. ... Linux: Debian 5.0 x86_64. Compiler: Intel Fortran Compiler ...

  12. How to pass parameters to IMSL subroutines

    4 out. 2009 ... You posted in our Linux/Mac forum - are you uising IMSL on Linux or Mac ... then it will have access to the local variables of the main program.

  13. How can I find uninitialized variables that are used?

    29 maio 2009 ... I am using Linux. thanks! ... Only local scalar variables of intrinsic type INTEGER, REAL, COMPLEX, and LOGICAL without the SAVE attribute ...

  14. Linking problem: Missing symbol when using auto parallelisation in ...

    Aug 6, 2011 ... local: *; };. Using nm myFileName.mexa64 on the resultant object yields a list of ... COPY FROM LOCAL VARIABLES TO OUTPUT POINTERS

  15. Problem with GDB: "Cannot access memory at address 0x0"

    5 nov. 2008 ... ... and try to get the values of local variables defined by program, I see ... Software Development Products › Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* ...

  16. Run time check failure

    Jun 23, 2009 ... The variable 'input_data_$DA' is being used without being defined. Image PC .... As far as I understood, Da is a local variable in input_data.

  17. How to detect undefined variables in fortran?

    10 dez. 2012 ... ..and also remember that local variables are not automatically ... Unfortunately, it's based on linux (does Windows need to be more difficult?)

  18. What is a 'closure' ?

    20 set. 2010 ... non-local C++ variables the original C++ function refers to will be frozen ... In pure functional languages with immutable variables, the ... Linux

  19. Large arrays in Fortran OpenMP

    Jul 11, 2007 ... Also I've tested this source code with Linux FORTRAN Compiler and ... imply / auto - that is, all local variables, even arrays, are allocated on the ...

  20. Compiling multiple source code files with one source code contains ...

    This has the effect of implementing local arrays without default SAVE effect, so as to ... by omp_get_wtime() so as to make it work similar between linux and Windows, even ... That ensures that local variables within such routines are threadsafe, ...

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