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  1. static linking

    I need to try static linking for our application. we are using Intel Composer 2013 ... page it shows me everything we have *except* the static multi threaded libraries. ... Yes, I could also notice that static libraies download option is not available in ...

  2. Intel® IPP 8.2 Update 2 is now available

    Intel® IPP 8.2 Update 2 packages are now ready for download. Intel® ... Is there a separate download for multi-threaded static libraries available for Intel IPP 8.2 ...

  3. use /NODEFAULTLIB:library

    8 ago. 2011 ... Fazer download text/html BuildLog-Dbg0808-ELCD. ... Runtime Library, set to Debug Multithreaded (/libs:static /threads /dbglib). Use Common ...

  4. Some issues about IPP 8.0.1

    We only used single thread static libraries in our products. It seems there's no ... In IPP 7.1 and IPP 8.0 multi-threaded libraries are deprecated. If you need them ...

  5. single-theaded and multi-threaded problem on win64

    20 nov. 2009 ... Microsoft removed the static, single-threaded library. ... Download Dependency Walker. run it and drag your EXE into its window. Does it report ...

  6. IPP(static link) error

    IPP multi-threaded libraries are not installed - static link ... .com/pt-br/forums/intel- software-development-products-download-registration-licensing/topic/484933.

  7. Eclipse 3.5 CDT 6.0 IPP 6.1 and Static Lining, Multi-threading, etc ...

    5 set. 2010 ... Eclipse 3.5 CDT 6.0 IPP 6.1 and Static Lining, Multi-threading, etc. under Linux ... Build->Settings->Link with Dynamic Libraries checked), but multi-threading won't start. ... I just wish this page was included in the download.

  8. After making static linking using \MT my Project still have ...

    18 dez. 2014 ... So for static linking, I have switched the compiler to "/MT" to use static multi- threaded runtime libs. ... It is true that the libiomp5md.dll is still in static library. You may know MKL is threaded by OpenMP library, so all threaded ... If you have to, you may download one previous version which include mt version.

  9. libguide40.dll and libiomp5md.dll

    I'm using IPP 7.07 with multi-threaded static library. ... Thanks Ying!1) Where do I download old versions? What is ... Thereby Forming multi-thread application.

  10. CPU Properties Problem

    Aug 29, 2013 ... Fazer download image/png code.png ... Is it about that multithreaded static library is deprecated??? Adem ... Fazer download application/pdf ...

  11. Using Static Library in Fortran Composer XE

    16 maio 2013 ... Hi, I have tried to include a static library in Intel Fortran composer Xe2013. but I got lots of error. I have attached ... Fazer download image/png 1.png, 87.67 KB ... I changed it to a Multithreaded runtime library and it works. Topo.

  12. IPP 7.0.4 H264 error

    I'm using non-threaded static library. I have my high level ... Are you plan to modify the h264 sample to make it compatible again with multithreaded software ? Topo ... The release is available for download in Intel registraction center. Thanks,

  13. Static Linking of MKL 10.3

    Static Linking of MKL 10.3 ... "md" means multi-threaded dynamic. ... For this reason, stub libraries are much smaller than their static-link library counterparts. ... 10.3, but I don't see a place to download the libiomp5md.dll and libiomp5md.lib .

  14. Creating user subroutines in LS-DYNA using Intel Visual Fortran ...

    ... or from the setup in the downloads folder in the Intel Fortran installation). ... both your C++ and Fortran codes should reference "static multi-threaded" library.

  15. Compiler Settings for link fully static.

    4 fev. 2016 ... This are the Release-Settings: Runtime Library: Multithreaded Use Intel Math Kernel ... Fazer download application/octet-stream ... If you link Qmkl:sequential you can link fully static but you give up the multicore optimization.

  16. Redistribution with static link lib

    Oct 31, 2014 ... But the manual did not say how to use Static Link Lib. Please help. ... Fazer download image/png Fortran_0.png, 125.29 KB ... You picked "Multithreaded DLL", which says you want to use DLL libraries. Select the option that is ...

  17. DISLIN

    7 mar. 2016 ... It was the single-threaded static MSVC library. ... Fazer download image/png ... Library, "Multithreaded" rather than "Debug Multithreaded".

  18. DLL Dependencies? ImageHlp.dll?

    26 maio 2010 ... We've been using multi-threaded from day 1 with VF6. As far as ... Fazer download application/ ... For a self-contained DLL that is not called from Fortran or C/C++, you can certainly link to the static libraries.

  19. ippsFIR64f_32f unusual processor usage

    Jan 13, 2012 ... Fazer download application/zip .... For multi-thread these criterions are extended with one more. ... We state in the documentation that dynamic libraries are threaded and provide a ... If you don't want to see any "unpredictable" algorithm switching - use single threaded static and external threading, please.

  20. Unable to load DLL

    Oct 23, 2012 ... I suggest downloading Dependency Walker and have it analyze your DLL ... Use Runtime Library property to "Multithreaded" to get the static libraries. ... DLL's Libraries > Use Runtime Library property to "Multithreaded" to get ...

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