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  1. Procurar | Intel® Software - Intel® Developer Zone

    21 ago. 2008 ... When I use more than 1 processor, the PGI part fails due to some conflicts ... Maybe it is because there is no separate layer from PGI compiler in .

  2. Static linking PGI with MKL - missing `mkl_serv_default_xerbla'

    23 out. 2014 ... Dear experts, I am trying to couple PGI compilers with the MKL library in ... The missing symbol is defined in the threading layer of MKL, which is ...

  3. PARDISO using > 2GB results in segfault - Intel® Developer Zone

    17 dez. 2008 ... This version ( 10.1 ) supports PGI compiler, therefore you need to link ... Some more info about Threading Layer you can find into Table 5-3.

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