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  1. runtime I/O error in recursive function.


    Apr 5, 2010 ... I have a piece of Fortran 90 code which uses a recursive function for testing purpose.I use both ifort (v 11.1) and gfortran (v 4.3.2) on an AMD64 ...



    Nov 1, 2010 ... I have some code I am porting from VMS to use the Intel Fortran Compiler on Linux. The code makes extensive use of OPTIONS /RECURSIVE ...

  3. Problem with -recursive -assume realloc_lhs -standard-semantics


    Aug 6, 2015 ... I see different results for the attached code depending on the used compiler flags. Notice that the code uses a recursive elemental subroutine, ...

  4. recursive | Intel® Developer Zone


    Tells the compiler that all routines should be compiled for possible recursive execution.

  5. Stack overflow in a recursive subroutine


    Aug 9, 2011 ... Hello, I encountered a stack overflow in a recursive sorting subroutine for three 1- D arrays; two interger(4) and one real(8) arrays. The size of ...

  6. Using a lock with recursive mutex for condition variable


    Dec 5, 2012 ... Hi, I was wondering if there was any reason why the condition_variable won't accept a unique lock with a recursive mutex. Compiler gives an ...

  7. RECURSIVE | Intel® Developer Zone


    Recursion is permitted if the keyword is specified in a FUNCTION or SUBROUTINE statement, or if RECURSIVE is specified as a compiler option or in an ...

  8. Parallelizing a Recursive Problem with Intel® Threading Building


    Apr 25, 2012 ... Download Case Study: Parallelizing a Recursive Problem with Intel® Threading Building Blocks [PDF 1.1MB] Recently I have been working ...

  9. Recursive Chain Reaction | Intel® Developer Zone


    Recursive Chain Reaction. The scheduler works best with tree-structured task graphs, because that is where the strategy of "breadth-first theft and depth-first ...

  10. Recursive Procedures | Intel® Developer Zone


    A recursive procedure is a function or subroutine that references itself, either directly or indirectly. For more information, see RECURSIVE.

  11. Recursive Defined I/O | Intel® Developer Zone


    ... that includes a derived-type object that results in the invocation of the same procedure. In this case, the defined I/O procedure must be declared RECURSIVE .

  12. Recursive function and pass by VALUE optimizations


    Mar 19, 2014 ... Hi all, I have some questions about the recursive functions performance in the compiler. The code is below, the performance table obtains with ...

  13. Recursive routines - execution order


    Dec 3, 2014 ... I was wondering if when a recursive routine calls itself, what happens to statements AFTER the call. Example: subroutine SUB1(isq) call ...

  14. OpenMP and recursive subroutine


    May 2, 2010 ... The KDTREE algorithm has a few recursive subroutines that are used for the search. My program keeps giving me errors and it is occuring ...

  15. Recursive I/O operation issue when calling inquire


    Nov 25, 2014 ... When I run that program, there is the following error : severe (40): recursive I/O operation, unit -129 file unknown. This problem can be solved ...

  16. recursive I/O operation error


    Jul 19, 2002 ... ... with the main program thread(in WM_PAINT).I get run time error 40 on execution.Runtime error 40 as you know is for:Recursive I/O operation.

  17. Challenge - Parallelize recursive fibonacci with openmp to beat my ...


    Jun 12, 2008 ... I've cooked up another example of using Intel omp taskq to parallelize a recursive function application - this time Fibonacci.

  18. TBB and recursion


    Aug 11, 2008 ... Hi, I am parallelizing a recursive code. But I wonder how to do it because the simple templates of TBB are iterative ones parallel_for, ...

  19. Tips and Tricks for Deeper Recursive Routines


    Oct 29, 2015 ... RECURSIVE SUBROUTINE recur_3d(sp,ep,t1,t2,t5,t6,t7,t10,t11) ... 05, RECURSIVE SUBROUTINE recur_3d_all(sp,ep,t1x,t2x,t5x,t6x,t7x,t10x ...

  20. Thread Safe, Recursive Subroutines and Speed Issue


    Sep 25, 2014 ... I'm working on making our subroutines used by a commercial FE software thread safe. To do so, I have turned all the subroutines to recursive ...

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