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  1. Rotate image in AcquireAccess

    6 nov. 2015 ... I want to be able to rotate a PXCMimage using the AcquireAccess() function but the following code does not actually rotate the image.

  2. Pictures rotate when importing from native camera roll in iOS

    24 jun. 2015 ... I've been following this Displaying_Picture and managed to get photos from my ...

  3. Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family. Rotate second display on ...

    27 fev. 2010 ... From my code I try rotate secondary monitor at 90 degrees. I used ChangeDisplaySettingsEx methods for do this job. On your's forum I was ...

  4. Procurar | Intel® Software

    19 ago. 2016 ... My app just rotate normally in Android or in App Preview in Iphone. Every other apps are rotating normally on cellphone. Anyone knows why it .

  5. Rotating Indexed Bitmaps?

    Hi all I have an indexedbitmap which I want to rotate using IPP, but I do not know which IPP function I should use.I tried to use ippiRotateCenter_8u_C1R, since ...

  6. Português

    2 mar. 2012 ... By the way, I'm sure it can be done as with Windows 7 this CPU allows to rotate screen (the driver supports it). So I'm wondering: - It's possible .

  7. How can I use Face tracking module with R200 placed vertically?

    16 mar. 2016 ... Can I rotate the raw stream 90 before feed to face tracking module? But I can not find any code or function to do that in sdk manual or samples.

  8. Intel's IA32/64 bit architecture's instruction set encoding

    24 abr. 2008 ... Another repetitive pattern I noticed is that in the shift/rotate instructions: the seventh bit determines the usage of the CL register, I also noticed a ...

  9. Unity Tip: Resolving "Gimbal Lock" Rotation Problems

    17 jul. 2015 ... The Wiki entry states that one solution that might be appropriate to Unity users is to "...rotate one or more of the gimbals to an arbitrary position ...

  10. Rotated screen is not resized in portrait mode when Crosswalk is used

    Jul 10, 2015 ... When I start the app everything is working fine, then I rotate the screen to landscape mode and still everything is fine, but when I rotate it back to ...

  11. App will not open in landscape

    25 mar. 2015 ... The app needs to be able to rotate in both orientations. What is the fix to have the app open in landscape because the "Default" is not working.

  12. Help with screen orientation

    15 jul. 2015 ... My application' window doesn't rotate from portrait to landscape position while changing screen position. It happens after building and ...

  13. Camera image orientation and problems with base64 encoding / iOS

    28 ago. 2014 ... Workarounds include implementing an image rotate feature for the end user and optionally detecting iOS and setting the initial rotation oneself.

  14. CSS not working on old android phone

    25 fev. 2016 ... to {-webkit-transform: rotate(360deg);} }. <div id="indexPageLoading" class=" fullPageLoadClass smallSpinner"> </div>. Now this works ...

  15. Force portrait orientation does not work on iOS

    27 jul. 2015 ... Hi, in "Build Settings" i choose "Orientation: Portrait" but on my iPad Air 2 (iOS 8.4 ) the orientation of the app changes if i rotate the device.

  16. QR Code Scan

    2 jul. 2015 ... ... devices QR code screen automatically flips to horizontal, any help to keep the screen in portrait orientation and rotate only if I rotate the phone.

  17. How to simulate drag and move mouse?

    22 nov. 2014 ... To rotate a 3D object I can move the cursor of mouse to that object and press left button down, then I can hold the left button and move mouse ...

  18. ippirotate in ipp 9.0

    27 set. 2015 ... But that does not work. I want to rotate around the image center and the destination image resize is enlarged to show the whole rotated image:

  19. Flip the screen like xrandr -x

    17 mar. 2015 ... I have a HP computer with an Intel HD Graphics 4400 chipset. I have loaded Ubuntu onto the computer so now it's dual-boot. In Ubuntu, I can ...

  20. Google maps AngularJS Ionic grey map intel xdk

    13 abr. 2016 ... CHRIS P. (Intel) the div is visible because when i open the page of the map i get a grey space. and when i rotate the screen the maps appears ...

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