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  1. Running Parallel Studio single user license on cluster

    17 out. 2016 ... I need to know how, or even if, I can use Parallel Studio on a cluster (in parallel) with a single user license. We only have one analyst that ...

  2. Single User/Floating License for Fortran Compiler.

    20 jul. 2011 ... Intel Software Products are licensed to a single user rather than to a single ... Single systems with multiple CPUs can use a single license file."

  3. Named-User license

    16 maio 2016 ... The Named-User license aspect of the additional licence is a right ... of the license type from "single-user" to "named-user" a few years ago, the ...

  4. Licenses required for 4 users on 3 computer network

    Sep 15, 2016 ... On the Manage License page, under the Serial Number User Management ... The named-user (single user) EULA does allow the product to be ...

  5. Correct Licensing for Fortran/C++ Compilers and MKL on Multi-user ...

    5 abr. 2016 ... Hi, I am trying to get the pricing for licensing the Fortran and C++ ... the Math Kernel Library on a single-user MacBook Pro and a multi-user Mac ...

  6. Please help me with buying a Fortran Compiler.

    I want to buy a single-user license. But I cannot understand what it means. I will use it on my own computer. But I may run several Abaqus job with UMAT at the ...

  7. Transfer a node-locked license to a different machine

    13 mar. 2014 ... How to transfer a Composer XE for Linux node-locked license to another ... Only floating license and single name user license are supported.

  8. Single Developer license question

    27 out. 2005 ... A separate license is required for each additional use and/or individual ... in addition to the SINGLE-USER license, there is also e.g. SMALL ...

  9. IVF & laptop

    Would have thought it fairly common to allow non-concurrent use of a program of ... SINGLE-USER LICENSE: If you are using the Materials under the control of a ...

  10. How to transfer license from one computer to another

    10 set. 2009 ... Assuming you have a normal, single-user license, there is no need to ... I have resend you the license file for Intel Visual Fortran Compiler ...

  11. Inquiry of Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition license

    25 jul. 2016 ... Hi, I would like to purchase a license of Intel Parallel Studio XE ... Refer to the FAQ, question: I have a named-user license (single-user license).

  12. Have software on multiple computers

    I also read that if the software is not registered it is possible to use it on multiple computers but ... I'm not sure if the student version is just a single user license.

  13. Number of licenses required for MKL?

    Apr 15, 2014 ... My understanding is that we would need 1 single-user license for each system, since only one person would install R+MKL. However, one of ...

  14. Confusion over Parallel Studio 2016 licensing?

    28 ago. 2015 ... The license is a single user license. ( not floating). I assumed I would need a new license file. I downloaded the XE 2016 version , and then ...

  15. Transfer Node Locked License

    3 maio 2015 ... Would it be possible to get a new license key issued? ... I guess you mean a named-user license (formerly also known as single-user license).

  16. Question regarding floating license

    5 out. 2010 ... We are thinking about buying a floating license for IVF. ... versions of the compiler to be installed and used, similar to a single-user license.

  17. Flexlm licenses

    26 jul. 2004 ... Hi We have Intel C++ Compiler in Linux with 1 User license and I have some ... The typically single user license is just that - for a single user.

  18. Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016 now available!

    8 set. 2015 ... There is a change with the single user license checking. We understand that it might be causing some difficulties, so we've created 5 articles ...

  19. Node Locked Mutli User, Possible?

    3 abr. 2003 ... I would like to install 2 copies/licenses of Intel's Fortran compiler for ... You can do this - the license terms are granted to a "single user".

  20. Intel Fortran and Microsoft Visual Studio

    Does "licence with support (1 year) (single user)" (which I've seen on a ... which use coarrays across a cluster requires an Intel Cluster Studio XE license.

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