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  1. [OpenMP] Threadprivate outside main program and copyin clause

    Dear all, I have an issue with a Fortran code that I am trying to parallelize using OpenMP. ... blocks that I marked as private using the THREADPRIVATE directive.

  2. threadprivate common-block for non-openmp thread

    20 nov. 2014 ... Hi, I've got a FORTRAN dll that was made multi-threading-safe for openmp- threads by adding threadprivate-pragmas for all common-blocks.

  3. Make legacy code generally thread-safe (not just for OpenMP ...

    Hi, I've just created a topic called "threadprivate common-block for non-openmp thread". But AFIAK fact is: There are billions of LOC of legacy FORTRAN ...

  4. Large arrays in Fortran OpenMP

    Jul 11, 2007 ... Nowadays I'm trying to apply OpenMP to existing Fortran program. ... The overhead to de-reference the ThreadPrivate pointer is much less than ...

  5. initialize common block defined in a module in OMP

    Jun 12, 2013 ... I do not have issue to use the common block in the regular Fortran codes. However in OMP I define the common block as threadprivate and ...

  6. [OpenMP - Fortran] Scope of COMMON block variables

    29 jun. 2014 ... [OpenMP - Fortran] Scope of COMMON block variables ... copy data in and out in order to communicate outside the scope of the threadprivate.

  7. OpenMP crash when using CLASS(*)

    28 out. 2015 ... Is this a possible openmp and/or fortran bug or am I violating something ... Do you know if THREADPRIVATE polymorphic entities are allowable ...

  8. openMP - Handling global variables in fortran

    28 fev. 2014 ... If you need private copies of global variables, you can use a threadprivate directive for a common block or for module variables. If you're not ...

  9. using openMP results in stack overflow

    Nov 5, 2009 ... But for FORTRAN, i am not sure how to solve it. ... which is in effect threadprivate, has to be allocated on thread stack, while without -openmp or ...

  10. firstprivate problem with ifc8.0.034 compiler

    19 ago. 2005 ... omp threadprivate(my_id) end module data_mod program test use ... Software Development Products › Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* and ...

  11. How to minimize thread creation overhead in Intel Fortran/OpenMP?

    Jun 7, 2012 ... I have a compute-bound Fortran pgm which I am attempting to parallelize using OpenMP. The outline of this ... like a large thread private area

  12. Unexpected PDB error; RPC (23) '(0x000006BA)' with Intel Fortran ...

    Oct 7, 2011 ... Unexpected PDB error; RPC (23) '(0x000006BA)' with Intel Fortran .... I am taking this thread private to obtain the .obj files for privacy reasons.

  13. Problem in aligning Fortran arrays in simple code example

    27 jan. 2015 ... I am optimizing a Fortran code that essentially spends all its time in the 90 line ... OMP THREADPRIVATE(LambdaAll,LambdaAll2,Ri,Ei,Fi,Hi,Un ...

  14. Allocation/Deallocation errors with OpenMP code

    ... lines exceeds the maximal number allowed by the Fortran standard (19). ... You would normally put data that you want to be thread private on the stack. Martyn.

  15. "chklic.exe has stopped working" when installing Visual Fortran ...

    I am having a problem with Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 (12.1) Update 7, ... I will take this thread private to get some more information from you. Topo.

  16. Move from Fortran trial license to network license server

    An engineer here requested and installed a trial version of Intel Fortran from the Intel web site. ... I may need to take this forum thread private to gather license

  17. Runtime error in libifcoremd.dll version 11.1.046

    I updated to Fortran 11.1.046 from 11.1.038 and now al my console apps crashes on a ... Let me know and I can make this thread private, or you can submit the ...

  18. compatibility problem with OpenMP

    Jun 16, 2009 ... "Stack overflow"(forrtl severe 170) in Visual Fortran Release mode, or 3. ... Since you have made the array A thread private you will need stack ...

  19. relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_32S

    15 jul. 2008 ... #pragma omp threadprivate(KS, R23, R46, T23, T46) ^. is.c(420): warning ... I'm using Intel C++?fortran Compilers , version 10.1. I tried "-Wp64".

  20. Help for the problem with OPENMP

    20 maio 2014 ... I am a beginner of using OPENMP in intel fortran 90 program. ... which persists when procedures go out of scope, threadprivate is a possibility.

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