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  1. Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) Sharing Guide


    collective monitoring hardware resources e.g. counter/controls etc supported on Intel platforms. PMU. The Performance Monitoring Unit of processors supporting  ...

  2. Basic Concepts


    Computing unit - An OpenCL* device has one or more compute units. A work- group executes on a single compute unit. A compute unit is composed of one or ...

  3. Unit Specifier (UNIT=) | Intel® Developer Zone


    The unit specifier identifies the I/O unit to be accessed. It takes the following form: [UNIT=]io-unit.

  4. This USE statement is not positioned correctly within the scoping unit.


    I keep getting this error, and I have no idea why. The program is in a very standard structure:

  5. forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 89 ?! How to solve this error?


    Thanks. forrtl: No such file or directoryforrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 89, file /Users/cks/CNCLASS/fort.89 ===I post the process and error ...

  6. Error: This name does not match the unit name. [DO_COMBINE]


    Aug 20, 2007 ... Please help me identify the source of this error. My code is as follows: program do_combine use decarrays implicit none !include ...

  7. iforrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data, unit 60


    Nov 27, 2006 ... iforrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data, unit 60 ... if (exist) then . open (UNIT, file=file_name(1:len), status='old',

  8. Intel Gen8 architecture calculating total kernel instances per ...


    Aug 6, 2015 ... 5.3.2 SIMD FPUs Within each EU, the primary computation units are a pair of SIMD floating-point units (FPUs). Although called FPUs, they ...

  9. Storage Units and Storage Sequence | Intel® Developer Zone


    A storage unit is a fixed unit of physical memory allocated to certain data. A storage sequence is a sequence of storage units. The size of a storage sequence is ...

  10. Statements for Program Unit Calls and Definitions | Intel® Developer ...


    The following table lists statements used for program unit definition and procedure call and return.

  11. Nehalem Performance Monitoring Unit Programming Guide


    Programming. Guide. Intel® Microarchitecture Codename Nehalem Performance . Monitoring Unit Programming Guide. (Nehalem Core PMU) ...

  12. Program Units and Procedures Overview | Intel® Developer Zone


    A Fortran program consists of one or more program units. There are four types of program units: Main program The program unit that denotes the beginning of ...

  13. Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor Vector Microarchitecture | Intel ...


    May 31, 2013 ... The VPU receives its instructions from the core arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and receives the data from the L1 cache by a dedicated 512- bit bus.

  14. Program Units | Intel® Developer Zone


    A Fortran program consists of one or more program units. A program unit is usually a sequence of statements that define the data environment and the steps  ...

  15. Assigning Files to Logical Units | Intel® Developer Zone


    You can choose to assign files to logical units by using one of the following methods: Using default values, such as a preconnected unit. Supplying a file name ...

  16. OPEN(NEWUNIT Set Unit To Positive Value


    Jul 14, 2013 ... I have a large program that reads in an input file that contains a list of additional input files and a unit number. I like to change the code so that it ...

  17. Formatted OPEN don't work in Linux?


    May 9, 2008 ... Here is my code, work in windows but not in linux: program circle CHARACTER* 1 A INTEGER IOS OPEN(UNIT = 789, & FILE= 'charlie.dem', ...

  18. forrtl: severe (36): attempt to access non-existent record, unit 11


    Sep 18, 2015 ... Hello Team, When we run this script ./get_tmpa.sh 2008010106 2008010106 than I am getting following error:

  19. The name of the module procedure conflicts with a name in the ...


    nf.f90(4): error #6645: The name of the module procedure conflicts with a name in the encompassing scoping unit. [GETVALUE] function ...

  20. Viewing Source Code for a Program Unit | Intel® Developer Zone


    Viewing Source Code for a Program Unit. When you analyzed the data provided in the Bottom-up/Top-down Tree windows and identified a hotspot in your ...

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