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  1. Is there a chance to vectorize the "if-else" condition using omp simd ...

    7 ago. 2016 ... I am working with these codes (as I post below 2 codes: the original and with omp simd function vectorization). This is the original code, that I ...

  2. How to force ICC to inline and vectorize a function?

    I also added "force vectorize" pragma to the loop. Now if I leave it like this, the testing program takes 10 seconds. If I put the body of "Function" directly into the ...

  3. Vectorize function calls

    10 maio 2012 ... I have an OpenCL program wich failed to vectorize.

  4. is it possible to auto-vectorize and auto-parallelize this code ?

    Jul 25, 2011 ... (summation>0));};XE2011 compiler could not auto parallelize /vectorize this code, can someone give me some advise ?compiler complains: ...

  5. Question about write SIMD code mannually

    22 abr. 2016 ... Dear all: We all know that Intel compiler can automatic vectorize code. My Question is: when does a developer have to write SIMD code ...

  6. optimization with xW vectorization

    may are may not vectorize, depending on what some calculations are. Here the switch ... -vec_report2 is on by default, and reports only those which do vectorize.

  7. <#pragma simd assert> missing from spec?

    19 abr. 2013 ... That doesn't mean that there won't be a "vectorize or die" pragma in icc, ... Whether or not gcc (or any compiler) has a "vectorize or die" is up to ...

  8. Inconsistent Vectorization

    The loop vectorizes with no problem. In another section of code, I have the same loop structure with a different inner function. ... for (int i = j; i < min(numPuffs, ...

  9. First GAP testing

    Apr 29, 2010 ... If you have specific loops that should vectorize or parallelize, but the compiler is unable to vectorize/parallelize and GAP does not provide any ...

  10. advisor use with msvc++ or gcc/gfortran/g++ Windows

    3 ago. 2015 ... In my examples, MSVC++ invariably chooses AVX-128 (possibly to avoid alignment analysis). It does occasionally vectorize with AVX where it ...

  11. disable vectorization

    Aug 8, 2013 ... Then what are the differences between using and not using the vector option? The compiler will vectorize the code anyway? Jianbin.

  12. C++ 8.1 Linux, cimplex vectors!

    Oct 10, 2004 ... When I try to compile routines that multiply two complex integer vectors, the compiler refuses to vectorize it saying the loop is unsuitable.

  13. Sandy Bridge, INDE OK while IOC64 and runtime fails (W8.1 -I7 2760)

    May 29, 2015 ... Hi, I have a piece of code that runs fine on Ivy bridge and later CPU's. On Sandy Bridge (2760) it will not vectorize and hence it will not perform.

  14. ICC 17 and Auto Vectorization

    7 set. 2016 ... This does not vectorize for (i = 0; i < numElems; i++) { a[i] = b[i] * c[i]; }. } sptxl15- 275> icc -qopt-report=5 -c t.c icc: remark #10397: optimization ...

  15. Problem vectorizing FORTRAN code

    Apr 18, 2016 ... that makes vectorization complicated (how to vectorize the multiplication of a single 3x3 matrix?), I have decided to invert the orderof the layout.

  16. Vectorization of template functions

    Jun 22, 2007 ... Hello all, I amattempting to vectorize few template functions,but without much success so far. The code below highlights the problem I have.

  17. __restrict promotes incorrect vectorization, ICL 16.0

    Oct 9, 2015 ... ICL vectorizes this (HSW laptop), although there is no way for the compiler to know whether changing the order of memory access ...

  18. Has ICC 11.0 overcome 10.0 troubles?

    8 maio 2009 ... When possible the compiler can also parallelize & vectorize the same loop. ... compiler can vectorize and parallelize more loops like followings:.

  19. Autovectoriztion when using TBB parallel_for and _Cilk_for

    Dec 27, 2011 ... Why does it require additional flags to properly auto-vectorize the same loop in the TBB version as compared to the serial or the Cilk plus ...

  20. vectorization and size_t

    Jun 19, 2008 ... First good news, beta version of Intel compiler 11.0.026 does vectorize the loop. However there are a lot of type conversions in it, so there must ...

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