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  1. IVF and Winteracter

    I have problem to get the Winteracter to run under IVF.Somehow my settings are not complete.I have set the path to libs and includs, but still get error messages.

  2. unresolved external: intel_f2int plus others

    I am setting up a new computer using Win 7 Home Premium. I am currently working on a Win XP machine with CVF 6.6b and Winteracter library 7.1 New ...

  3. Unresolved external pointing to CESHELL.lib

    25 out. 2012 ... I'm using IVF 13.1.119 with MS VS 2010 and Winteracter 9.0 on 64-bit Windows 7 . I have an application that was running under IVF 10 and VS ...

  4. Internal compiler error in Composer XE

    If you are trying to use the Winteracter files from a Winteracter for CVF release, ... I added winteracter.f90 to my project and the internal compiler error is still there.

  5. GUI with IFC: pro and contra

    4 set. 2012 ... Steve mentions GINOMENU; I use the Winteracter library for several years now, ... Winteracter is also not cross-platform, which GINOMENU is.

  6. Need an advice on programming graphic using either Visual Fortran ...

    I fully agree with P. R. that Winteracter is a very good choice for Fortran users. ... Indeed working with the software ILNumerics and Winteracter looks promising.

  7. Program Mysteriously Shutting Down

    It is a window application, using a third party GUI (Winteracter). The program ... Since I use WINTERACTER, I just used their standard Idebug calls. We thought ...

  8. How do I add GUI to a Visual Studion developed FORTRAN code?

    13 jun. 2008 ... I've been using Winteracter for years with the various flavors of Fortran ... note: I am in no way affiliated with Winteracter or any Fortran ...

  9. Missing Resource Compiler for VS2015 32 and 64 bit builds

    12 jan. 2016 ... I am using a third party api library called Winteracter. It is looking for ... You'll have to ask the Winteracter folks how to correct that. Steve - Intel ...

  10. Dialog Control anvanced Usage

    Oct 1, 2007 ... Years ago, i worked with Winteracter, which i think could answer my ... is comparable to Winteracter, it has none of the Winteracter drawbacks of ...

  11. GUI toolkit

    29 abr. 2014 ... Hi I use to write my code in FORTRAN and build GUI using 3rd party software named 'Winteracter' which is an amazing piece of software coded ...

  12. Including fortran and C programs in a visual C# program

    If you want to do GUI, I recommend QuickWin or a third party tool like Winteracter, which is quite easy to handle. Klaus. Calling a fortran dll from c# is easy.

  13. third party software and SSA

    Hello - I am using a third party software to build win app (winteracter) but I have a huge problem: - the fortran compiler switches are : -c -include:"c:\wint\lib.if8" ...

  14. Update on CVF Visual Studio slow on XP Pro

    Jan 4, 2005 ... ... Gb free to Win XP Pro Intel P4, 3.2 MHz, 2 Gb RAM, 147 Gb HDD w/125 Gb free. CVF 6.6c which is the newest one. Winteracter newest version.

  15. Reading Poisson/Superfish solution files

    26 fev. 2002 ... ... programs comes with a set of sample files, designed to read the solution files using Lahey Fortran 90 compiler and Winteracter. I wonder if ...

  16. user-friendly plotting programs?

    17 out. 2007 ... SCIPLOT - GINO - home/home.htm. WINTERACTER -

  17. array of strings

    Dec 6, 2012 ... The interface belongs to winteracter third party software, so, it has ... Of course it is impossible to change winteracter core to read a derived type.

  18. GUI for legacy Fortran apps

    4 abr. 2005 ... Other options are the commercial products Winteracter and GINOMENU. I also recommend the book "Compaq Visual Fortran: A Guide to ...

  19. fatal error LNK1104: file "MSVCRTD.lib" cannot be opened.

    13 dez. 2013 ... The WiDE development environment for Winteracter returns an error message for the link step as well. Topo. Steve Lionel (Intel).

  20. CVF Module Wizard doesn't find a subroutine in an OCX file

    Mar 3, 2004 ... Thanks for trying to save my investment but I'm not a VB user - working exlusively with CVF = Compaq Visual Fortran (and Winteracter and now ...

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