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Step-by-Step Guide to Build iOS* Apps using XCode Interface Builder in Multi-OS Engine

The Multi-OS Engine provides two options for building the UI for iOS* applications. 

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Intel® Compilers - Supported compiler versions

The following compiler versions are supported:

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Attivare/disattivare Intel(R) Edison Arduino su scheda LED tramite Bluetooth SPP usando IoT dev kit

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open MPI e intel MPI DATATYPE

Dear all,


I have notice small difference between OPEN-MPI and intel MPI. 

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Running Intel® Energy Profiler Analysis on a Target System de Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2016 and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier 2016 for Systems Help

To analyze the power consumption of your Android*, Windows*, or Linux* application, install and run the Intel® SoC Watch collector on the target system and view the collection results in the Platform Power Analysis viewpoint.

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Get start


I am newbie with Linux(I have Ubuntu 14.04) and TBB. I want to write codes with TBB library and run on computer. I have no idea how should I start .

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Senden Sie SMS-Nachrichten mit Twilio* und Arduino* auf Intel® Edison

This document shows an example of reading the temperature sensor and send SMS messages to your phone using a Twilio* account on the Intel® Edison. Includes required hardware components, download and installation guides, and more.
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Grid Controls de

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Managing Timeline View de

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