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Multi-OS Engine - Game Development using LibGDX

In this article I would like to talk about how you can create a Java game using Multi-OS engine and LibGDX. On the screenshots below you can see that the end version of this game on iOS* and Android* looks and behaves the same way. How is this achieved?
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Using an MCU on the Intel® Edison Board with the Ultrasonic Range Sensor

The Intel® Edison board contains an internal microcontroller unit (MCU) in addition to the CPU. In this article, I explain the benefits of using an internal MCU for both

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Connect Intel® Edison to IBM IoT Foundation

This article talks about creating a Bluemix application, registering a device, setting triggers using NodeRED flow editor and visualizing data using Rickshaw JS.
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Intel® XDK

Descreve os principais recursos do ambiente de desenvolvimento integrado multi-plataforma Intel® XDK.  Utilize as ferramentas Intel XDK para desenvolver, testar, depurar, otimizar, empacotar e implantar seus aplicativos híbridos móveis HTML5 e aplicativos web para múltiplas lojas, incluindo jogos HTML5.
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Diagnostic xxxxx: "ebx in __asm and stk frame alignment undone"

Diagnostic message "ebx in __asm and stk frame alignment undone" emitted by the Intel(R) C++ Compiler 


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“That’s the Beauty of Unity*!” Intel® x86 and Unity Contest Challenge Winners Share Their Experiences

It’s incredibly easy to include x86 support for the Android platform in Unity, and you can even see some great performance gains as a result. Have you tried it yet? If not, you can get started in no time with our article on how to produce a fat APK that includes both x86 and ARM libraries
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GIANTS Software Optimizes Farming Simulator* 15 with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Advanced, physically based rendering technologies in games like GIANTS Software Farming Simulator 15 push the limits of technology. Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) play a significant role in finding bugs and optimizing the latest generation of physically based renderers. Forward rendering works differently. The graphics card projects the objects and breaks them down into...
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Gesture Playground Files

Gesture Playground Files

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Intel® Big Data & Analytics Software Overview

This video animation provides an overview of Intel® Software contributions to Big Data & Analytics.

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Code Examples for New APIs and Sample How to Replace Deprecated API with Them

Starting with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) 9.0,  some image processing functions, including  ippiWarpAffine funciton are legacy.

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