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iWeb Summit 2015 – Beijing

5000+ web developers across the southern China were flocking to Shanghai for “iWeb Summit 2015 – Beijing”. “iWeb Summit” is an annual HTML5 developer-focused conference held by the HTML5 DreamWorks, which is one of the largest local HTML5 communities.
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Innovation Think!

I have been hosting a program, started in March of 2015, called “Innovation Think” with the intent to get people exposed to technology that stimulates innovation either directly or through the exer

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Information Acceleration: 3 Possible Scenarios for Innovative Voice Transcription Software

Emerging captioning and media transcription solutions are helping to overcome the limitations of speech to text – with big implications.

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Make a Joyful Noise: How Playing Music could Enhance Child Development

Introducing music to kids may bring them a world of enjoyment; science also shows it can help them build

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Jim Parsons nos muestra las innovaciones de Intel y sus socios

¿Ha visto en la televisión nuestra nueva campaña publicitaria que protagoniza Jim Parsons de “The Big Bang Theory”?

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Baby Educa by Neurodigital Technologies

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