Pass vector by value?

Authored by David Sall

Dear Intel FORTRAN Support,

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Windows installation hangs

Authored by Timothy H.


I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise, Service Pack 1 and I've installed Microsoft Visual Studio XE 2015.

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Unlimited polymorphic variables

Authored by NsK


I'm really afraid of reporting this one...

Please tell me it is standard, and if it's not, that the standard is going to change:

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passing optional arguments

Authored by Roman

I am using Fortran Compiler XE .

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METIS libraries + ifort + how to install

Authored by diedro

Dear all,

I have a question. Has someone installed METIS libraries? 

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Letter to Santa

Authored by FortranFan

Dear Santa,

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Compiler code parsing error

Authored by David DiLaura


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Pointless build cascades.....

Authored by app4619

Maybe this is just a VS thing and doesn’t relate to Fortran but…

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Local variables to be saved/static

Authored by jayb

I am porting a legacy application to Intel Fortran.

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Recursive routines - execution order

Authored by billsincl

I was wondering if when a recursive routine calls itself, what happens to statements AFTER the call.


subroutine SUB1(isq)

call sub1(isq+1)

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