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Intel Developer Tools for Ultrabook

Soon Ultrabooks will become widely available and will come with new features.  Developers will want to know what tools they can use to take advantage of the new capabilities.

Criado por Gael H. (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 15:56
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How to: build a VirtualBox Android Linux kernel

From time to time, people ask me about building VirtualBox in Google's master branch or at the ICS release tag. They often wish to tweak the kernel.
Criado por Beare, Bruce J (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 15:55
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Get the Most out of Intel Compilers for your Ultrabook Apps

First, let me begin by saying that compiler switches are mainly targeted for specific processors (not OS's.)   With the recent launch of the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors (code-named Ivy Bri

Criado por Gael H. (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 16:51
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VMware Fusion 5 supports Intel® VTune™ Amplifier event sampling

One of the great features in Intel® VTune™ Amplifier is the use of the event monitoring registers built into Intel processors.

Criado por James R. Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 16:01

Intel® Performance Tuning Utility 4.0 Update 5

We have retired PTU as our experimental performance analysis tool.

Criado por administrar Última atualização em 07/06/2017 - 12:06
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Exploring Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions with Intel® Software Development Emulator

Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) is perhaps one of the most non-trivial extensions of instruction set architecture introduced in the 4th generation Intel® Cor

Criado por Roman Dementiev (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 15:53
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HTML5应用UI设计工具: RIB

分享一个基于Chrome浏览器的HTML5 应用UI快速开发工具, RIB, Rapid Interface Builder。 

Criado por Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 16:13

Download Intel® SOA Expressway XSLT 2.0 Processor

December 2012: This WhatIf project has been retired, but will remain here for reference. The download is no longer available.

Criado por administrar Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 13:09



Criado por jing M. Última atualização em 24/02/2017 - 12:04
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About the pain of parallel programming

If you’ve ever heard about parallel programming it probably sounded like a painful endeavor.

Criado por Frank Schlimbach (Intel) Última atualização em 14/06/2017 - 16:22
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