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Graphics Performance Analyzers Version 2015 R2

Graphics Performance Analyzers Release 2015 R2 includes the latest toolset featuring support for - DirectX* 9, 10, 10.1, 11.0/11.1/11.2 workloads on Windows* - OpenGL* ES 1.X/2.X/3.0/3.1 workloads on Android - OpenGL* 3.3 Core Profile workloads on Ubuntu*
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MICRO48-Tutorial on Intel Processor Graphics: Architecture and Programming

Intel Processor Graphics: Architecture and Programming

Organizers: David Blyth, Hong Jiang, Geoff Lowney, Ken Lueh, CK Luk (all from Intel)

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Advanced OpenGL* ES on Android*

The Advanced OpenGL* ES demo booth will feature several mobile demos showing some of the latest Khronos* API features as well as proprietary Intel extensions.

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Intel Resources for Game Developers

Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® IrisTM and IrisTM Pro Graphics parts are some of the most commonly used graphics solutions in PCs worldwide. By following the advice on these pages and using the tools we provide, you'll ensure that your game is able to be enjoyed by millions of gamers. We want you to be successful
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Intel感知计算(1)- 简介

Intel感知计算(1)- 简介

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Intel® INDE Media for Mobile Tutorials - Video Capturing for Unity3d* Applications on Android*

This tutorial explains how to use Intel® INDE Media for Mobile to add video capturing capability to Unity applications on Android.

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Graphics Performance Analyzers: Which Tools Are Available on My Platform?

Graphics Performance Analyzers are the premier tools for optimizing games on Microsoft Windows* OS. Graphics Performance Analyzers also support the analysis of games on Intel phones and tablets running the Google* Android*; and games running Ubuntu OS. This article describes the different platforms for the product, and how to download the product.
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