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Dave Mejias New Member!

Hey mates, I'm Dave Mejias. I'm excited to join this website and to begin being involved, as I've just lately become interested in all items academic associated.

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How to cite intel example in thesis/dissertation


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Intel press ebook download failed & no serial id

Hi intel rep,

I bought 2 books, software optimization cookbook 2nd edition, and software vectorization handbook.

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short Training on prallel programming for multicore machines


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ifort12 takes long time to compile allocatable module variables

Hello, I have been working with ifort11 and just recently have changed to ifort12. However, to compile the same code, ifort12 takes a

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intel atom d425kt board startup sequence

i am working on intel atom d425kt motherboard fearturing INTEL ATOM D425 processor and NM10 CHIPSET.

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I can't download material for the course war.

As in the title i wan't to download this material :

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About parallel programming in javascript

Hi everyone!I saw many months ago these links about javascript parallel

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assembly programming

I have made a 8086 bit program which compiled with no errors on 32bit i don't know how to view the result on 32bit compilers?Please help

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double linked list -- deallocate all list

hi everyone,In my program I create a double linked list.I would like to know if it is possible to deallocate all the list in a simple way.I mean, Can I apply a sort of code like:

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