Todd Harris Of Hi-Rez Studios Introduces Smite

Smite is an online action game that was just released by Hi-Rez Studios

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Session Videos from the Bay Area Android Fest

On April 12, 2014, Intel was proud to host 300+ of our closes developer friends from the Bay Area at our Santa Clara, California headquarters for the

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Intel Software Optimization of Java* Virtual Machine and OpenJDK Community Announcement (OOW '14)

At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Michael Greene talks about the role of his organization in helping optimize the Java* Virtual Machine and Intel's announcement that it is joining the Java OpenJDK communit

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Real-Time Game Optimization with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Intel TCE Seth Schneider provides a technical overview, outlines the benefits for game optimization and answers questions regarding Intel’s Graphics Perform

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Intel Global IoT DevFest

Celebrating the FIRST EVER Global IoT DevFest! Registration is Still Open to Watch Replays! ATTENTION – There’s still time to sign up for the latest edition of our Intel Global IoT DevFest II on Nov 7-8th 2017.
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Optimize Games with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

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Optimize Game Sound with Wwise* and Intel® Core™ Processors

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Intel Talks about Temporal Decoupling (and More) at DVCon Europe

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