OpenMP* and the Intel® IPP Library

How to configure OpenMP in the Intel IPP library to maximize multi-threaded performance of the Intel IPP primitives.
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Intel® Media SDK GStreamer* Getting Started Guide

Intel® Media SDK GStreamer* Installation Process

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An Operation Guide to Build and Debug Open Source Media SDK Software Stack

The Goal
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Generic Installation for Intel ® Media Server Studio

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How to Setup and Deploy Intel® Media Server Studio on CentOS* 7.1

The CentOS* 7.1 default kernel is considered a primary OS for Intel Media Server Studio. See additional information in media_server_studio_getting_started_guide.pdf). We use the following kernel in our script: kernel-3.10.0-229.1.2.el7.src.rpm. However, there are many other recent kernels. For an updated list of recent kernels, see: The following...
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Getting Started with Intel® Optimization for PyTorch* on Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Accelerate deep learning PyTorch* code on second generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor with Intel® Deep Learning Boost.
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Installing Intel® Performance Libraries and Intel® Distribution for Python* via popular package managers

Select Package for Download Instructions
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